Chunky Hip Bag

OK so I sat and knitted all the pattern while i was watching the Man U match and then discovered that i had to put all the pieces together.

  1. I have no yarn left and
  2. I realised i have no idea how to do it period :doh:

In all the years i have been knitting i have relied on my mother and grandmother to put things together and now that I don’t live at home it is time to learn.

How do I do this?

Hi Donna, is this the pattern your doing?
I did that for my little girl… it calls for sc (single croceht) to seam it all together… which I had to have my mom help me on and teach me how to crochet :teehee: I did find this website with crochet videos
you may be able to get by using the other methods here

:cheering: You can do it and can’t wait to see pictures of it put together :happydance:

Do I still need to have the same yarn though?

It doesn’t bother me going and getting some more cos I want to knit my 1 year old a simple pull over in the same.

:doh: I’m sorry I missed that… yeah I would run out and get more of the same yarn :thumbsup: