Chunky cables from Knit n style

Does anyone else want to knit the chunky cables sweater (royal blue in picture - 5th row down on right hand side)

I’m hoping to start mine in February. Whenever I am done my socks for the swap!

This will be my first sweater and I am thinking that some moral support would be awesome!!!



Mmmmm, that looks awesome! I’m in the middle of about 3 projects and moving, so I can’t join right now. I just did my first cables and they weren’t as tricky as they looked. You’ll do great!

Thanks. :slight_smile: I’m hoping to order my yarn this week or next.


I like that sweater. I also really really like the Lace is more sweater. And then in the Feb issue there are more really really cute sweaters and the day and night vest. Got to set priorities.

I think I will get the Jan issue and I may end up doing the cable sweater with you.

Did anyone start this yet? How long do you think it will take you?

I have no idea how long it will take me. I have never knit a sweater before. I’m guessing several weeks to a month if I get to work on it a couple of hours each evening… but I don’t know for sure.

I hope to start it in Early February. :slight_smile:

I have the Mag and want to do it with you…I’ll finish up what I’m working on now and be ready for Feb.

How excellent! I have a baby shower on the 17th of Feb that I have to have a blanket done for. As soon as I finish that and my sock swap I’ll be all ready to go!!

I am sooo excited Deeknit! Have you knit a sweater before or are you a complete virgin like me?!

I’ve knit 2 sleeveless sweaters. So I’m a sleeve and cable virgin…

Hi Guys,

I finally picked up some yarn for this project but I actually decided on another sweater! Ugg!!! Soooo sorry!!! I got some Twilleys of Stamford Freedom wool and am now planning on knitting one of their patterns.


Have been wanting to do this sweater so count me in :cheering: Let me know when you start :happydance: