Must be cheap yarn for that price.

I found these and more at


hahaha!! :roflhard: that ziggy made me bust up laughing. That was great!

yeah the Ziggy one is my favorite.


Oh poor Ziggy. Maybe learning to knit will build his self esteem :teehee:


Made my night! :roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:

THANKS MASON! :roflhard:I needed a laugh tonight and you gave it to me:roflhard:


very cute.


I liked them :roflhard:

Reminds me of my bloke’s comment when I said I’d have to spend about £40 on yarn for this really nice cardigan I wanted to make - he said that he’d buy me a £40 cardigan, but he couldn’t understand paying the same amount as it would be in a shop and having to do the work yourself :wink:

sigh non-knitters… (I converted him though ;-))

Man, that second one puts our yarn porn to shame.