well I fell out of bed and broke my arm so I didn’t get to knit any christmas presents.:pout: I had to knit 5 scarves for friends (I am still working on them now 3 to go) So it was hard over christmas and I couldn’t do anything. I was sad beacause I got a piano for christmas:pout: :waah: :sad: . Here is the story. I was having a slumber party with my brother:sleepy: . and I rolled over and fell and landed on my arm at 5 IN THE MORNING!!! :gah: And I don’t have a bunk bed just a normal bed. The one thing that was good was we didn’t have to wait because it was 5 in the morning. So here is a pic of my arm and one thing I made after I got my cast of.

so how long before you could knit again? Nice cast!

That is so something I would do.

It was 4 weeks before it came off and 2 weeks before I knit again.

LOL Megan!! :roflhard: Glad your OK!

That was a great cast. Glad to hear you are back knitting again… I am sure that the scarves will be loved, even if they are a little late.

I’m sorry to hear that you had a broken arm for Christmas, but I’m glad to hear that it’s healed now and you can knit again! (Maybe a good idea to sleep on the floor next time)


Even if late, they’ll still appreciate the Christmas presents. So sorry that had to happen.