Yay! I knew for Christmas I was getting some Lorna’s Laces (Baltic is the colorway - I picked it out). The theory was, two skeins and a needle for Christmas, the other three skeins for my birthday (Feb). My grandma decided to just give it all to me at once!!! So I have five wonderful skeins of Lorna’s Laces AND a new Addi Turbo needle (#6US circ, 47 inches)! The Addi is amazing… It had a rough spot on the tip when I started with it, which I don’t know what it was but it’s gone now, I guess it rubbed off while I knitted. Anyway, all of my other circs are Boyes, and the difference is shocking. I’ve been knitting on 2 circs with my #6 Boye because I’m just doing a headband and I haven’t been able to figure out magic loop, I like 2 circs just fine anyway.
The only (knitting) item that I got that I don’t like is from my other grandma. She found some acrylic homespun look yarn (its buried in other gifts at the moment so IDK what exactly it is) on clearance at Wal Mart. Now, no offense to those of you who like that kind of thing, but I don’t. Plus, its pastel colors, I think there was even a couple skeins of pink (I don’t like pink). I appreciate the thought - she knows I like to knit and wanted to get me some yarn, and she found it on clearance so she could get a lot for less money, but now I find myself with a whole box of yarn I don’t want and can’t take back - I’d really rather have the money. But, I guess I’ll find something to do with it.
Merry Christmas, everybody!

If someone isn’t a ‘knitter’ they don’t always know the knitting value that different yarns have… the feel, drape, the fibers it’s made out of…

I know you are disappointed, with the type of yarn purchased,. but, remember… just a short time ago- you might not have known the difference either and she probably just got a variety of colors that the yarn came in, right?

[B][I][U]So, knit her up a scarf or some slippers from the yarn… to practice a new stitch pattern… or something… cables? If you don’t know them?? [/U][/I][/B]

In the future, you can take her to Michael’s or some such chain store that might have ‘better quality yarns’ in their yarn collections and point it out to her… make sure she sees the brand and type of yarn… tell her why you love it… [B][I]have her FEEL of it/etc… She’ll be ‘exposed’ gently to other yarns that you’d like to have in the future. [/I][/B]

AND, look at it this way… you now have a ‘stash’ to use for ‘knitting gifts’… hats/scarves for others… or to donate for those less fortunate.

Thanks for the encouragment, and I’ll probably knit a scarf for my youngest cousin. It’s just icky feeling stuff and I’m not looking forward to knitting with it.
I’ve actually been knitting for quite a while (considering I’m only 20). I’ve been a complete fiber snob since I discovered merino wool seven years ago…
Anyway, the needle my other grandma got me is so I can learn to knit a moebius, so perhaps I’ll do that for my cuz.