O.K… Please don’t hurt me… :devil:
Has anyone started working on Christmas projects??? If so, what are they??? I found a really kewl “winter” wreath in the latest Creative Knitting magazine that I think I might start.


No one will hurt you. Most of us are working on, or have ordered yarn for, Christmas presents already. :thumbsup:

KK is making ELEVENTYPLEX KAJILLION pair of clogs for Xmas and has bought out knitpicks! :shock:

I’m about half done with DD’s sweater, 25% done with niece’s pair of socks, and have yarn for other DD’s and other niece’s sweater, and patterns picked out for DS - sweater and hat.

I really want to make the clogs for someone, but don’t have anyone to make them for (except me). :??

Happy Christmas Knitting :XY:


I have gifts made or in the making/planning stage, because last year I started too late and ended up spending lots of money for gifts at the last minute on top of the stress of not finishing what I planned.

As for Christmasy stuff, I might do something small for Secret Santa type stuff at work later on.

I have the yarn for 2 blankets. not sure if I’ll ever get around to them.

I want to make clogs for most of my list - but how do you get them to fit people?

I have scarfs made or being made… along with a shawl although one of the scarfs is now going to be a birthday present cause I thought I had more time for the birthday till last night… so have to redo that one… :rollseyes:

I have birthdays in October that i’m focusing on first, then i’ll work on Xmas…

I’m going to do a few clogs (of course!) and i’m thinking about doing a sweater for my sister… Perhaps Knitty’s “Tempting” - not sure about that one… But as soon as i knock down these b-day pressies (DNA scarf and a pair of clogs) i’ll be knitting like crazy for the holidays…


Looks like Clogs are THE thing to make… Are they basically like making a “felted sock” (without the heel of course??))

What’s a good pattern to try??? ((Mom is always looking for comfy foot wear))

This is the famous clog thread

Well, 15, anyway… :shifty:

Mary! How SAD that none of your family or friends has FEET! Were they involved in some kind of mass foot-slicing incident?? :frowning:

Im giving all of mine UNfelted, then they can come over (or Ill do it there) & Ill felt to fit!! I cant wait to see the hilarity ensue when people open these KNITTED TRUCKS of unfelted slippers!! :roflhard:

Somebody has to capture that on video! "Poor Kelly, she SAYS she can knit. . . . "

This is how I figured i would do it. I would be too afraid to felt them too much if I tried to guess. Plus it will be real fun to see the looks on their faces when they unpack King Kong sized clogs.

I am just started my christmas knitting. I am doing a poncho (yeah, I know but she asked for it!) for my SIL. And a wrap for my grandmother. I am planning on doing hats, mittens and scarves for the kids. Finially FT clogs for my brother, Dad and FIL. I am in the middle of deciding on gifts for everyone else. I figured this list will keep me busy for a while.

I have been knitting my christmas presents since early July. I have whipped out 7 hats, 11 dish cloths and towel topper sets. I am currently working on a hooded sweater for my brother I have the front done, now I have to cast on for the back.

I’m making scarves for my girlfriends…I figure they’re quicker (especially since I’m such a S-L-O-W knitter), and I can change up the patterns so I don’t get bored.

For my friends’ babes, I’ll be making funky hats. I have a few patterns that I’m looking foward to trying.

I’ve almost finished with the first of 5 scarves.



They’ve all GOT feet! They just don’t want clogs to put on all those cold tootsies :crying: :?? :shock:

I thought my girls would :heart: these - I showed them pics of yours and Silvers - but they both said they’d rather have sweaters :rollseyes: (and I didn’t even show them Ingrid’s and Silver’s sweaters).

They just want to turn Mom into their personal knitting machine!
Clogs would be SO much faster - and I wanted to FELT something! :happydance:


make them purses!!

Well… my wife is making stuff for a combination of craft show and Christmas. (She does crochet.)

As for me, I’m having enough trouble getting through this necklace thing for my kids, which was supposed to be done a week or two ago. But yes, I’ve started thinking about Christmas too… just hoping I’ll have enough time (and be good enough) to actually finish a project or two by then.

good idea. thanks KK! :smiley:

So far, I am working on purses and dishcloths for Christmas. I need to order yarn for my sister’s throw. It will be here before we know…

Brendajo wrote: Make them purses

Great idea Brenda - I found a free pattern for the Buttonhole Bag that I really like and think they will too. And it’s FELTED. :happydance: :happydance:

It will be LOTS faster than sweaters, - won’t work for DS though. I guess he gets the sweater. :thinking:


Happy Christmas Knitting all you Santas out there. :XX: :XX:
(need a knitting emoticon in a Santa hat and beard)