Christmas Wishlists?

Well, this year I am asking for a Rebel XT DSLR for Christmas…but my birthday is in January and I’m probably just asking for a knitpicks gift card.I can’t wait to stock up on various sock yarns.My feet and legs are in desperate need of knee high sleeping stockings.

What does everyone else want?I guess gifts to yourself would go here too :slight_smile: I made myself a brea bag. I just happened to have a nasty rotary cutter accident while making my perfect lining with slots for everything too. >: ( I see knitting and general craft difficulties in my near future.Everyone around me is concerned for my knitting.

Oh and…

aherm I suggest you all aherm just happen to leave the page aherm scrolled to your gift preference aherm unattended where someone might just happen to look at what you want >____>aherm.

the main thing on my wish list this yr is a set of interchangeable circular needles… i havent used circulars much in the past … but ive been spending alot more time in my car lately with time to kill… and i take my knitting bag with me every where but haveing so many strait needles is takeing up alot of room in the bag i think a set of interchangeable circulars would be much easier to tote around with me.

I have that camera. It’s great!:thumbsup:

I have a Rebel xt too :heart: :heart:

What I want for christmas is kind of stupid… lol I want all the Criminal Minds on DVD AND I really want for Matthew Gray Gubler to tweet me on twitter :aww: :aww:

knit picks is having a sale on a bunch of their sock yarn this week…

I’ve seen her pictures…they’re great too!

Oh thank you! :aww: