Christmas sweater & my first post here

so this is my first post here, but the community here seems wonderful!
so thanks for having me, i guess!
here’s the christmas sweater i knit up for my little dude!
knit sleeve to sleeve with a split for the neck. then i crocheted the christmas tree and sewed it on. it turned out WAY cuter then i expected!
too bad we were all sick for the holiday, so noone got to see him wearing it. :frowning:

i just started knitting myself a pair of socks. i’m trying my hand at the magic loop method. i’ll post pictures later.

What a doll!!! :heart: Cute sweater, too! Welcome to the forum. :waving:

awww how cute is that little baby!!?! and that sweater is just great! I love it. and the tree is perfect. super job.

and what a great first post!

Whoa, would you check those eyes? And the mischief in his smile already!? That is one super-cute little kid. And the sweater is adorable! Great work and welcome :muah:

Oh, your little boy is so adorable - Great sweater too! Welcome to the forum!

So adorable! Wonderful job!! Welcome to the fourm!

Cuteness x 2! :cheering:

That sweater is so cute and so is your son!

thank you all so much! he is a cutie…i guess i always think it’s just me because he’s my little goofball! as for that smile? he does like making trouble! hahaha

thanks for the warm welcome. like i said, the community here seems wonderful! i can’t wait to post more! i’m reading everything right now. seems like a great group of people!

OMG, I love it, it’s oh so cute. Nice sweater too :teehee: Those are the biggest, most beautiful blue eyes. You should have taken W.C. Fields advice, never play opposite children or animals. You did a great job on the sweater. It’s so festive. Welcome to the forum :waving:

:hug: :muah:

Nadja xxx

:waving: Welcome!

Great job on the sweater. The model is adorable.

:thud: from baby cuteness…

Great sweater, too!

Looks great! What a little honey!! :cheering:

Too cute! Love the blue eyes as well. Great sweater!

super cute!
and, welcome. :waving:

So cute!!! :heart:

What a sweetie-pie! And your sweater is GREAT! :thumbsup:

Love them! The baby and the sweater!! :slight_smile:
Did I hear pattern? :wink:

What a cutie! He looks very content in the sweater.
here’s the sweater pattern i used. it’s basically all garter stitch with squares of stockinette.
i crocheted a christmas tree from a pattern book i have for christmas stockings. i just had to make it small enough for his sweater.
i wish he got to wear it more…i made it big in teh hopes that he could wear it again later…

next year, i think i’ll make one with rudolf or frosty on the front. ehehehe

thanks for all the nice words! :slight_smile: