Christmas Stockings

Hello all:

It has been a while since I have been here. A lot has happened for me this year. I got a new granddaughter in March, my Son got married in July, and after a courageous fight against cancer I lost my mother-in-law in September.
I had been looking for a Christmas Stocking pattern for several years. A friend of the family made my children this stocking. She could not find the pattern. So thanks to this website and a fellow knitter named “Pepsi” sent me a link to the exact pattern I have been looking for for years.
I have been working my fingers off since October in trying to get these done. I wanted to have stockings for each member of my family. I almost made it. The only one left to do is for myself.
I enjoyed this labor of love, and I hope you enjoy them also.
The stocking on the right and the second from the left were ones that was given to my children over 20 years ago. I made the other five.
Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

Wow! Those are awesome! You did a great job and I’m sure they will be treasured for many years to come.

What a display! Very nice family stockings. They have that old fashioned feel which is so right for Christmas.

Wow!!! Congratulations on “almost” making your goal! Why is it we ALWAYS leave ourselves for last? Hope you do yours next so it will be waiting for you to use next year!!! They’re all gorgeous!

thanks to all. I really learned alot in doing these stockings. Never really had done intarsia and did duplicate stitch. I know that my seaming still needs some work, but all in all I am happy with them. I am going to redo the first stocking I did which was my husband’s because I don’t like the way I knitted in his name. Then I am going to make mine. Of course this will be next year!

:woot: Wow you have been busy…they look wonderful…

Those are amazing! You did a great job!

Wow! Those are gorgeous! I’m sure the knitting was therapeutic after all of the things that happened. I’m sure your family is very appreciative of your hard work.

Beautiful job.

Your stockings look great!

Those are so cute!

Those look terrific. Your family will be thrilled to find their name on one. Hope you can get yours done, too! :slight_smile: Merry Christmas

Amazing job! They turned out so great. Isn’t it wonderful how helpful knitters are to each other? Now THAT is the holiday spirit! I’m so glad you found the pattern you wanted and I hope you’ve enjoyed making them too. :hug:

They’re just lovely! I made two more of those this year myself, only mine are done just a bit differently. My pattern just uses duplicate stitch for the names, etc. I can’t decide which I think would be easier - the duplicate stitch or just knitting everything in. Great job!

they are amazing!

Great job!

My daughter told me I could get it done before Christmas and I told her she was crazy. Mine will have to yet until next year

I tried knitting in the names and the bowes, but I didn’t care for the way it looked, so I used the duplicate stitching and I liked it better