Christmas Stockings from Vintage Model

Thanks! :hug:
I’ll be SO happy when they are all finished.

I want to knit some things for ME for a change. :teehee:

The Christmas stockings are going very well.

I finished the chartwork on all three of them!

Now, I’m busy weaving in the ends on those sections.

Tonight, I’ll be blocking them, then tomorrow I’ll be knitting the feet. I’ll have two days to finish them up before delivering them to the client on Thursday afternoon.

I know right??

I’m down to my last three gift items to knit for Winter Solstice and then I can finally make something for Me.

Those are SOOO nice!!! I love the pattern… I might just have to start some later for next year!

I finished the stockings! Yippee!
:cheering: :woohoo: :cheering:

I am so proud of them.

And my customer loves them too! She hugged me over and over again. cloud9

You have very good reason to be proud! You did a wonderful job, created lasting mementos, and made several people happy in the process.

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


Thank you, Judy! cloud9

Sandy, those turned out so well. :muah: They are a very good match for the original. What a lot of work. I’m glad the client appreciated them. Having custom made vintage replicas is really special.

Thank you! I am SO glad to be finished with the stockings. Now, I can knit whatever I want, and they will all be DIFFERENT designs and DIFFERENT colors! :teehee:

They look wonderful!!! I would’ve hugged you over and over again, too! :hug:


Sandy, those are awesome! What a cool project. Although… I think I would have left those dangly ends and given the recipient a Chibi and a brief tutorial… Muhaha!

Thanks Maureen! :heart:
That’s a good idea about the Chibi and tutorial. I should have thought of that. :doh:

All I can say is WOW and that they are beautiful!

Thank you, Jen! :hug:
It was certainly one of my “great works”.