Christmas Stocking

I’m new here and am a fairly new knitter. I’ve made a couple of projects and love it! I want to start making Christmas stockings. I started using a pattern that only required size 6 straight needles and then you sew the seam together throughout the entire stocking. I recently bought a circular needle and would love to use that instead and make it so there is no seam. I haven’t made stockings or socks before so I’m very new to this sort of knitting. I have a pattern that I’m using as a guideline but want to make changes such as the size, more decor, and circular needles instead of straight needles. I guess my questions are these:

  1. Can I just start with a circular needle until I need the double pointed needles for the heel and toe? Do I need straight needles during any part of the stocking?

  2. I haven’t done any stockings or socks before. Can I use a general pattern for heels and toes but just add more knit stitches and rows to make it match the size of the stocking?

  3. Am I being to ambitious in thinking I can tweek a pattern when I’m fairly new at this? :teehee:

Anyway, any help would be appreciated. I have looked at a bunch of christmas stocking patterns. I didn’t find any that I really liked and have wanted to create my own with the designs and colors I prefer. I already have the designs on graph paper and love the way it looks with the stocking I made but I want to make the stocking a continues circle than to have to make it flat then sew it at the seam. Seems that it would be sturdier that way. Thanks in advance for any help! :muah:

The only thing that won’t work in your plan is to knit true intarsia in the round. Once you get through one of your graphed pictures, the yarn will be in the wrong place for the next round. You could knit the entire thing in the round and then embroider pictures on it.

Thanks, for responding…
The designs I have planned are hearts and snowflakes that go all around the stocking. Would that still not work? Would I use intarsia or fair isle for this? I just learned about those techniques and am really excited about them. Could I break the colors I’m not using until I need them again in a circular project as in the straight ones? Is it even possible to add in new colors at different parts of the project when doing a circular. As you can see, I’m very very new to circular projects. :wall: :teehee:

Fair Isle, or stranded, knitting works beautifully in the round, so you’d be fine there. You add or break off the extra colors at the beginning of a round just like you would knitting flat.

Wow! Thanks so much for your help! :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: