Christmas Stocking

2 years ago, my (*&%)(# DOG ate and SHREDDED my childhood christmas stocking. It wasn’s a special kind, just your red, with the fake fur cuff. But it was MINEEEEEEEEEEEEE…

I’d like to make a felted stocking and attach the original cuff to it.

A couple things…I want this to be felted TIGHT, any red yarn reccomendations that I won’t nearly be able to see the stitches after felting?

and two, how on EARTH do I guage it so that the cuff will fit?

bump. :slight_smile: :heart: :heart:

no idea dear. i suggest buying a new stocking and sewing the old cuff to it. too much work to do the felting and all trying to adjust for fit. :shrug:

ahhhhh…but that would be EASYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY :slight_smile:

The tightest felting yarn I’ve found so far is Patons Classic Merino. But it felts to more of a bouclé texture rather than smooth-and-fuzzy…

if you’re really determined to fit it to your cuff you’ll have to really watch the felting process, comparing it to the cuff every 5-10 minutes once it starts to felt. You might be able to stretch it out a little to fit the cuff when it’s done.

Whatever stocking or sock pattern you choose, unless you find a felted one (which may be possible - but it may or may not fit your cuff) you’ll have to knit it way larger than you want it to actually turn out, If you haven’t felted before you’ll want to knit a swatch of the Patons and felt it to help decide your gauge… Felting seems to shrink a little more in height than in width, so remember that too - if you just take a basic sock pattern, and knit a stockinette cuff instead of ribbed, you may find that you’ll want to knit extra rows in the cuff and foot areas to make it look right proportionately… but that’s something you’ll need to decide as you go, and why it’s good to felt a test swatch first…

THANKS!!! I like boucle :slight_smile:

This will be a fun winter/summer project for me.

I’m making the knitpicks chunky wool casserole mits right now, and that will be a good starting point for checking guage…I’ll be sure to keep in mind the brand you suggested.