Christmas Stocking Toe

I have tried different techniques of toes for my christmas stockings. They turn out either round but bunched, pointy, or round with a “nipple” looking tip. I was wondering if anyone has ever firgured out how to have a perfectingly rounded toe while working in the round without it bunching at the ends or getting pointy. If so, then please help! :slight_smile: I use a circular needle and then DPN with the heel and toe. Any advise?

Ok, so I figured out a make shift way of doing it and it looks the closest to what I have wanted it to look. I’ll post a picture on her as soon as I can. If anyone still has any technique advice about making toe rounded without it bunching… please give it.:muah:

Is this a stocking that looks like a real sock…with either a short row heel or a heel flap? On those socks I always just do a kitchener toe. The ends of the kitchener do kind of get ears sometimes. I’ve done this and it seems to help.

Here’s another method I haven’t tried yet, but it looks like it would work great.