Christmas Stocking-pic heavy

As we set up the Christmas things this year, we realized that Ryan was the only one without a hand-knit/special significance stocking, so I made him the stocking-of-all-stockings.:teehee: I did get a bit carried away, but he loves it.

I found clip art on the web and a chart from Tap-Dancing Lizards (a book of cool charts) and used beads and crystals to sparkle it up a bit. The cat is on the top of the foot.

That is really beautiful and amazing work!

So much detail!! Nice stocking :slight_smile:

Beautiful! He will treasure it always (as my kids love the embroidered stockings that a family member made them when they were young).

You really do amazing work!

Oh my gosh! That is awesome, Ingrid! He WILL treasure that forever!

WOW! that is big sock! I’m sure you filled it to the brim :teehee:
Wonderful knitting job too.:thumbsup:

What a wonderful stocking!

:happydance: wow…that is wonderful and he will always treasure it…

Wow…beautifully done!

What a great stocking!! So many personal and special touches that really make it one of a kind. Is the cat something special to Ryan? It is not standard Christmas fare.

Ingrid, that’s awesome! You’ve made a stocking for everyone in the family? That is so cool.