Christmas stocking pattern

I’ve been asked by a friend to recreate a Christmas stocking knitted by her grandmother many years ago. It appears to be intarsia for the leg, knitted flat, but the toe is done on a circular needle (or dpns). The heel shaping is unlike anything I’ve seen on ‘normal sock’ knitting patterns. The back seam stops at just about the top of the point in the attached picture.

Does anyone have an idea where I can find a pattern constructed similarly? Thanks so much for your help.


Welcome to KH!
It looks like a top down heel flap and gusset to me. Do you ever knit that kind of sock?
Maybe these videos will show it:’s_Sock_Class

I have knit a pair or two cuff down with heel flap and gusset. This looks different to me though. I wish I could get a better picture.

Looking at the bottom of the sole, the shaping ‘lines’ look kind of like this:
(pardon the shaky drawing…LOL)

I wonder if it’s a short row heel? See around 3:20-3:40 time point on this video.