Christmas Stocking Pattern Help

Under LEFT HALF OF HEEL: I have completed the 18 rows. I am confused about the wording “ending on a K row”. My work ended on the knit side. My confusion is this: do I knit this row so The yarn will be on the purl side so I can make the TURN THE LEFT HALF OF HEEL. Instructions attached.

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Ending on a knit row means that you should end having completed the knit row. The next row will be a purl row.

Thank you. Does that mean I should go ahead and knit the row? That would mean I would be one row over, correct? Is that a problem? How would I fix that?

The “First Row” according to the pattern is a purl row. The “Next Row” is a knit row. If you repeat thse 2rows 8 more times, you should end with a knit row and be ready to work a purl row. It likely won’t matter if you add an extra row or two but keep notes so that you can do the same on the other side of the stocking.
You can also count rows to see if you have an extra row.

Thank you.