Christmas Stocking Name Chart

Ingrid showed me a link to graph paper and in doing so it occured to me that I could build a chart in Excel (or any spreadsheet program). And it would be way cooler than working out the name for a Christmas stocking by hand on graph paper. Ok, I may just be sick, but I thought it was much easier to type in x’s and move them around the spreadsheet than to try writing out the x’s and then erasing and moving over a column … you get the idea.

Anyway, attached is what I worked out. I set the spreadsheet scale to 75% and then the whole chart can be viewed on one screen. You’ll see that it can be easily modified to different number of stitches and rows. The page still works out at normal size to be wider than 8.5 x 11, even in landscape mode, so I did scale it using Print to Fit on 1 page. This copy is zipped, so you need to unzip first. My print settings should be saved as defaults.

cool!!! Thanks for taking the time to do this, and post it for us!!!

I downloaded it, but I don’t have excel so it won’t open. :frowning: :??

Okay I tried again by selecting the spreadsheet in MS Works and I can see it now. Cool!

i can open most excel spreadsheets in the works spreadsheet program…sometimes the formulas and stuff look a little funky though.