Christmas Stocking Knitting Question

Hi Everyone!

I am working on a Short Row heel of a Christmas stocking and I am having trouble with some of the directions.

For a decrease row, the instructions say: YO. Purl 10 sts. Slip YO and next st knitwise, place both back on the left needle. With right needle tip, enter 2 sts in the back from left to right, purl.

I’m a bit confused about the instructions to enter 2 sts in the back from left to right with the right needle tip. In particular what does it mean from left to right?

Any advice would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum!
It seems that the reason for all this is to twist the sts and close up the hole made by the yo. Slip the sts as directed to the right (knitwise) and then back (urlwise) to the left needle. Your working yarn is in the front because you’ve been purling. The next step is essentially a purl through the back loop, like this: