Christmas AUGUST :-O

This is one of my MAJOR pet peeves!!! I went into Hobby Lobby today and what do I find?!? Aisles and AISLES of CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS…don’t these people know it’s freakin’ AUGUST??? The commercialization of Christmas is bad enough, but seriously! It’s 100 degrees here in S. Texas…Christmas is the LAST thing on our minds!

I was in there the other day (probably the same one!) and thought the SAME THING! I mean doesn’t at least Halloween/Fall come before Christmas???

I feel your pain! The last time I was in HL (2-3 weeks ago), I couldn’t find what I was looking for because all the workers were busy (and in the way) putting out Christmas decorations…I just don’t get it!

LOL- I so agree with you both. My hubby said “so, back to school sales are in full swing?” I said “heck no- they have already moved into Christmas sales” and he thought I was kidding until I brought him into Michaels…

I mean, we all want to get a jump on making Christmas presents, but this is INSANITY. I’m having a hard time accepting that September is around the corner.

It’s true Hallowe’en’s a long way away yet…they might as well dress up the stupid scarecrows in Santa suits!!!

It’s gotten to where I actually HATE to decorate for Christmas. I prefer a simple celebration of our Lord’s birth… But HONESTLY…it’s nearly 100 degrees here!!! Maybe the guys making the decisions are up North where it might be a balmy 65 degrees and cooling, but in Houston we’ve merely reached the apex of our summer!

JJ…I was actually at the HL in Tomball today, not yours. It’s the same all over!

I work part time at michaels, and 2 weeks ago when we started putting out the Christmas stuff, I asked one of my managers why we were putting it out already, and the answer was honest and really simple. Because people will buy it, no matter how hot it is outside. So, if the mindless masses would stop buying it this early, then it wouldn’t be out so early in coming years.

:teehee: I feel your pain. I went into a Hallmark store a couple of months ago and they already had their ornaments all proudly displayed along with some musical holiday thing pumping out holiday music. I haven’t been to any of the other big offenders around here but I’m sure it’s no different.

Well then…MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY… 4 freakin’ months from now!!!

This all reminds me of that line in When Harry Met Sally…when she’s freaking out because “I’m going to be 40” and he responds something like “EIGHT YEARS from now!!!” :teehee:

The “masses” need to wise up and quit buying that stuff!

A little early don’t you think? :teehee:

it bugs me to. but in a slightly different view… it could be so that those who craft and sell thier FO’s can get a good start on holiday crafts. i mean, even on this forum knitters are talking about knitting christmas/holiday gifts :wink:

I know all about that. I’m probably the only Houstonian sitting in a 100 degree car knitting a scarf in July!!! :teehee: I’m ALL ABOUT getting started early on those gifts, it’s the Christmas decorations in August that just give me the hives!

By the time December comes along we will be so SICK of them!

I am actually very happy that Hobby Lobby has their christmas stuff out now. I need to get working on my christmas projects and if they didn’t have them out, i couldn’t get started. I don’t think it is mindless at all to buy christmas stuff now at places like hobby lobby and michaels.

Walmart on the other hand…

I don’t even want to see Halloween decorations in August let alone Christmas decorations! It just gets earlier and eariler every year. Pretty soon they’re not even going to put away Christmas decorations, they’ll be a year round thing.

I think we should all buy our Christmas stuff as soon as they put it out. Then the next year they’ll put it out two months earlier, then the next year two months earlier and so on. Then, eventually we’ll be back to normal when they start putting it out after Thanksgiving. :teehee:
I secretly hope sometimes that with the appearance of the holiday stuff that somehow, some way Florida will cool down and it will actually be like Christmas then.

Sounds like you’ve got a plan!! :thumbsup:

I guess I do get sick of all the decorations being the same from August to December, but I’m sort of glad to hear that something is out. I have a huge family and I spread Christmas shopping out throughout the year - about this time of year I want to start wrapping things so I can put them away! And so far, I haven’t found any Christmas wrapping paper (and I’ve used up the leftovers from last year). Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places.

aww, I was all excited reading the title, but the posts have me a bit down.:pout:

I am a huge Christmas nut…[SIZE=1] (Not in a Religious way…) [SIZE=2]But I love the decorations the lights the music… It all reminds me of happy times with family and friends and memories of good times and it just makes me feel great.

I purposely went wandering down to the back aisle at walmart last week just to SEE if Halloween or Christmas was out. (I am a huge Halloween Nut too.) And all they had was summer stuff.

I watched When Harry Met Sally this weekend and started crying when the Christmas music was playing. I am just…nuts.

I am so happy I have the Canadian side of things, since our Thanksgiving is before Halloween, so when I start Celebrating on November 1st, no one can tell me to wait till after Thanksgiving…

Plus given how late the American Thanksgiving is, I think waiting that long is too long.

There’s gotta be more people like me out there tho, or else they wouldn’t be catering to us. :thumbsup:

There is a reason I chose to get married October 6th. This way I can kick start the Holiday season with my Wedding Anniversary, then a week later Thanksgiving, Then Halloween, then Christmas…

By the time January rolls around, I admit I am happy to stop…I get it all out of my system, until usually August and then I can’t wait…:whistle:

That’s cute Krystal - :wink:

I sometimes get annoyed with Christmas being out to soon like in wal-mart, but for crafts I love it… I like to think of being ahead this Christmas season, go and buy the stuff I need now, so come Dec. I’ll be ready and everyone will get an ornament… of course it never fails I’m still up late one night making the ornaments but :shrug:

I do love to decorate for Christmas though and this way I can space out the purchases… and I like that Halloween is out so early so I can get one child’s costume here and the other there… not hit all at once… I also like to get Christmas shopping done early so having it out in the store helps me so I’m not running around right before…

That’s precisely why they do it!!:???: