Christmas Reindeer Jumper

please could anyone help me with a pattern for the above, im looking for anyhting chrismassy with a big picture of a reindeer/santa bright and slightly cheesy. Its for my farther in law, i have a knitter ready (cant do it myself) but i cant find any patters online, have been searching all afternoon when i should be working…

Any help would be fantastic or even an already unwanted jumper would be great would be willing to pay for the pattern/jumper


If your knitter can find a standard men’s jumper pattern (I should think they probably have one they like to use) and has some experience, then they could use these charted patterns for the Father Christmas bit:

This one looks a bit sad, but your knitter could probably make a couple of small changes to make him look a bit happier!

Now back to work, you!:slight_smile: