Christmas reindeer double knit hot pad

Finally finished! Started last year, and put away till this Christmas.

Not sure what to do with it. Too afraid it would get burned or stained from a spill after all the work. If anyone in the family wants it I may give it to them. I love it!

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That’s very cool! Is it wool fiber?

Really well done, bluejaygirl5. Such lovely, even stitches and tension.

Thanks. No just worsted weight. Incredible how this works.
Really thick and mirror images.

Try a hat. Really warm. I wondered what was missing from the store bought hats to hand knit. It was the doubled layer.

That’s a great job.

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Thanks. I just may try a simple hat. Good idea!

Worsted is the weight. Is it made of wool, acrylic, cotton etc? I ask because if it’s acrylic something too hot could melt it, but wool should be okay for both a pot holder or trivet. Double knit is very cool.

Oh…silly me. Acrylic.
Thank you. For sure it will be simply a table decoration. :blush: