Christmas presents?

What do you usually knit and give for christmas presents?
Trying to get ideas so I can start early :slight_smile:

scarves and hats are quick and fun to knit~!:thumbsup:

A sweater for my aunt, a shawl for my grandmother, a sweater for my other aunt, and an afghan for my grandfather, and socks for everyone else.

housecoat & sweater for each grandchild

sweater for daughter

unsure for son-in-law.

& ys… I’ve started the housecoats…lol

I just spent most of the day deciding on yarns online for scarves for my three sisters. The patterns are from Victorian lace Today. It took a long time to find one site where I could find/like yarn for all three projects for three verydifferent people. But I succeeded with Wool Girl on line and got free shipping to boot.

well, not exactly xmas, but my mom is getting a cabled purse and matching scarf for her bday in sept, just got the yarn and pattern today.
Otherwise, scarves and hats. dH is getting an irish hiking scarf and matching hat for xmas.
I have a new rule for presents though, because I tend to take on too much at one time. Quick too knit but looks complicated. That’s why everyone is getting something cabled this year:roflhard:


:happydancing: I’m done… except for my dad and I’m not really sure if I’ll knit him something or not… I made him Dashings so thought I might try to do the cable and make a matching hat…

I have bath mitts, dish rags for the n’bors that I’ll throw in some little lotions and soap, scarves basically for the family except one hat…

All I have left to do for Christmas is buy my kids their gifts :rofling: and I have a head start on that…:woot:

Felted bags for Mom, sisters and sister-in-law, ribbed scarf for brother, and a few other things I haven’t figured out yet. Maybe the felted clogs from Fiber Trends. These clogs are soooo cute, and pretty fast to make. If you haven’t seen them yet, search the KAL for them.

Everyone is getting socks this year! :smiley: I am in a “sock phase” I am also making a stocking for my baby.

BTW I like your avatar! We raise Boston Terriers.

socks and/or fingerless gloves/wrist warmers for my teen nieces:heart:

Aren’t bostons the best…of course I am partial to this breed :wink:
I would love to see pictures, I always love to see pics of other bostons!!!

I made Dashing’s or Fetching’s for all my sisters & nieces; scarves for the dils, pretty socks for mom. But I still have so much to make – felted satchel for one son, sweater for another, tennis vest for dh. I’ve got to get knitting!