Christmas Knitting

I am still working on a project that I meant to give to my sister last Christmas. :wall:

There’s no way I won’t finish by this Christmas… right? RIGHT?!!

I haven’t started but I’ve had my plans for a few months. I keep getting distracted by coworkers getting pregnant. I have done nothing but baby blankets and toys for the past few months.

MIL: lace shawl/scarf - I’ve been searching for a pattern for weeks now. I’m still not settled. I hate reading charts and most of the ones I like are charted. :frowning:

BF: he really wants me to knit him socks so I might do that. I also want to make him some golf club covers but it has to be really masculine. He won’t use anything that looks too knitted and feminine. I found a few so far I think may work.

Nieces/nephews: probably amigurumi and scarves for those in cooler temps. Maybe fashion accessories for our older niece.

Coworkers: bibs for all the babies. I love ArtLady’s and also the one with the cable up the side and around neck.

ME? I have yet to knit myself anything since I learned. I have given everything away. Maybe one day.

Have you seen the Liesel? It could be done as either a shawl or scarf. The pattern has both written instructions & a chart. It was my first lace project. I’m not ready to do a chart only yet:whoosh:

Ohhh, I like that. I also like the simple yarn over shawl on her page. Both are very pretty. Thanks.

These are some quick knit presents for those of us who don’t have a lot of time. Or for some event or person that comes up last minute.

Oh my gosh, this is so funny. Thanks, oldfatladyinpjs for posting the link.

I just joined this group and the first thing I was thinking was posting about planning for Christmas knitting. This will be the first year that all (or as many as possible) of my gifts to family will be hand knit/crocheted… problem is I don’t know how long to allow for projects since I don’t have a lot of knitting experience. Typically I bite off way more than I can chew (in life lol), so… any other advice for a newbie? I’ve never done socks, but was hoping for not just doing a scarf for everyone… thanks! :slight_smile: P.S. Socks and Mittens kind of scare me.


Pocket Book Slippers. Not a bit scary. My mom, sisters & nieces (and I) love them…and want more.:grphug:
Recently, I was informed by one sister and one niece that they sure hope they get some under the tree this year….apparently my math was off and I missed them.:noway: Soft, acrylic variegated yarn were the favorite…they get worn (and washed) a lot. :thumbsup:

I don’t know how much experience you have with crochet, but you can crochet socks. :slight_smile: This pattern is really easy. You can also knit or crochet hats. For me, crochet hats are really fast. Usually about a day or so. You could also make purses for the girls on your list. I’m currently making these placemats. They’re super cute and easy. :slight_smile: Just some ideas, I hope they help you!!

It doesn’t have to be any big projects. You can put small ones in your purse and do them while riding the bus to work or on your lunch hour. Just work on a little at a time. Another thing I could suggest is knitted sleeves for Starbucks coffee cups that are too hot. Some of these are crochet patterns, but click to see more pages at the bottom.[81]=76

I thought this slingshot holder was sheer genius.

I recently starting knitting a Christmas sweater for myself, to be published on the Bernat Blog sometime this year. It’s in the round, and I’m about up past the belly now. :slight_smile:

I’m also knitting a blanket for my step-dad, using Lion Wool-Ease Thick & Quick. He managed a vegetable garden for our family for several years, while working full-time and repairing everything around our house. Now he’s turning 80, and just lays around all the time. I’m designing the blanket to look like plowed garden furrows, by doing the stitch from the “Scrunchable Scarf”. I’m adding a center section of a vine, with leaves. I hope he likes it!

My middle son has asked for lots of knitted projects, so I’m trying to choose the right one. My youngest son likes orange, so I might make him an orange scarf. I’ve already knit several things for my oldest son, but I might make him some slippers. And my mom has asked for a shrug.

Thank you Pam and everyone - these are great ideas and links! :smiley:

Very helpful …now to make my list

I knitted fitted socks for newborns these last few months. Despite following the directions, those fitted socks were too small. I’ve learned since then to forego the heel turns and knit tube socks. It’s hard to knit socks as gifts unless you know a person’s shoe size. Tube socks are a one size fits all kind of thing.

I think I saw this show on Good Morning America. A lady was telling how to save money. What she does is goes to places like the dollar store to buy gifts. These are things like bells, figurines, dolls, and teddy bears. She stores them in a closet. When a last minute gift is needed or an impromptu party comes up, she pulls something out of the closet along with a pre-bought card.

Something like this might work out well all year round, not just Christmas, for small hand knitted projects. Baby bibs and booties are fast and easy to make. For adults, cotton dish cloths, hats, anything like that.

I have started knitting two scarfs. Nobody knows if they are going to be done this year, or the next! Working on them for the person that inspired me to knit, and my friend!

:blooby: :blooby: :blooby: :blooby: :blooby: :blooby: :blooby: :blooby: :blooby:

Knitting things for others is all well and good. But don’t forget to make something for yourself. You deserve it for all your hard work. If you live in colder climates, a hat, mittens or gloves, and a scarf is a must for every knitter. Here in Wisconsin, we need two sets: one of sport weight yarn for the 30-40 temps we get in early fall and spring, and worsted or bulky weights for the sub-zero temperatures.

I came across this article that had some helpful hints for making Christmas presents. The one I liked was to use your downtime, like waiting in a doctor’s office to knit. If you knit one hour a day, that’s one present per week.