Christmas Knitting

I’m wondering if anyone has started their Christmas knitting yet? I just started mine last Saturday. I’m making a scarf for a friend, and a pair of socks for my Mom so far. I have other projects planned out, like a hat for Dad, crocheted socks for my aunt, fingerless gloves for my brother and his gf, hats for two of my cousins, and purse for another cousin. I’m just hoping I’ve given myself enough time to get it all done!! :zombie:

I started on my Christmas crocheting during the winter, and put it down during spring gardening season. Now that the heat is making it impossible to be outside for more than 10 minutes, I’m back to my crocheting and learning to knit. I find that if I make sure I always have a project in my purse no matter where I’m going I can usually get in at least a few stitches here and there as I wait for various things. Those 15 minute breaks at work can do wonders for your projects if you take that time to sit down and work on your project. (I highly recommend making copies of your pattern to carry around with you rather than carrying the original just in case you lose it. I’m forever losing patterns and hooks/needles.) I also use my needle work as my “Me time” when I’m ready to strangle a child. As a mom of a big family I have to take a few minutes here and there to do something to give me time to regather myself or I’ll kill somebody. My husband has gotten used to me doing needle work during family time and it has become a sign to him that all is right in the world. So if you take the little moments here and there, I’m sure you’ll get them done in time.

Sorry for getting off slightly off target. As for my list of what I’m making for whom:
MIL: 6 Crocheted Clothespin Angels and 24 wireworked napkin rings
SIL: I’m leaning towards a scarf or something and maybe a set of placemats. I’d really like to make her a set of amigurumi zombies and ninjas but I’ve not been able to get my hands on the book “Creepy Cute Crochet” so I probably won’t succeed at that this year.
FIL: ???
DM: Probably a bag for her Bible Study Class
DF: ???
DH: a blanket and a snuggy
Kids: Each kid is going to get a floor pillow and blanket for family nights, a Bible cover and a set of book marks with their initials.
Pets: New blankets
Me: Lace curtains, Window Quilts and the foundation down on our house. (I can dream can’t I?)

Christmas… :noway: Well… I have been working on a scarf for my stepdaughter, but whether it’ll be done this Christmas or next remains to be seen…

Yes I have finished my Future SIL’s (they are getting married in August) Christmas present, a scarf --one of the first projects I ever made.
My brother wants me to make him socks! socks! I only know how to make scarves! so I am in the process of creating my first basic sock. I know how bad it sucks and can make his pair better. Hopefully I will be able to learn and finish his socks! (luckily we celebrate christmas in January since his job and our Mom’s job won’t give time off in December. So I have an extra month to finish!)

lol Jan that cracked me up. TreshaRuthe…oh my goodness! I thought I had a lot of knitting to get done this year. Wow, your list certainly beats mine!!
redbedhead-I’m sure you’ll get the socks done. Once you get the basics of sock making down, it really isn’t too bad. :slight_smile:

My husband says the same thing.

I’ve finished one sweater already and only have to add one sleeve each to two other sweaters (I find it so hard to find the motivation to do the last sleeve). That takes care of my dad and my my brother’s step-kids. I’m working on some entrelac pillows for my mom. It’s still a bit slow going since this is my first attempt at entrelac. I have a pair of socks and a scarf to knit for my husband, a sweater for my nephew (and I’m still looking for just the right patten) and maybe a sweater vest for FIL. I have no idea if I’ll get it all done or not.

This is to funny! I’ve been fretting about my Christmas knitting trying to get my list together and everyone has been telling me I’m nuts! WE really only have 5 months to get it all done! I’m totally going to get started (as soon as my needles are free of my STUPID SECOND SOCK. Lol.
I havn’t been on this site in forever… I miss you guys!

Oh my first sock is so sad! :oops: Holes along both sides of the toes, holes at the ankle. Funny looking bind off. I am using Silver’s Sock class toe up on 2 circular needles (found here for my basic instructions because she had pictures I could actually understand! I know my problem on the toes was that I was not pulling it tight enough, so the next one already looks better! The ankle holes are probably the same problems. I will find out when I get there.
The other thing I noticed was that I did not keep track of how long I made the foot, or how many rows of knit I did after the heal before I started the ribbing, or how long I made the ribbing! So, I am measuring the secon d sock by holding it up to the first sock, and frogging when I have to . :frog:
I have to get these problems worked out so the socks I make my brother will look good and not scary!:roflhard:

I’ve never tried that method for socks before redbedhead. So far I’ve only done socks on dpns. I really want to try to learn how to do two socks at a time. I’ve just got to find a day where I’m actually feeling patient enough to try the cast on. Last time I just got frustrated with it and went back to my dpn method lol.
Psquidy, I know exactly what you mean!! People who don’t knit, don’t realize just how much time it takes to get these projects done, and that you actually have to find the time to do them. But at least we’re making gifts that people will treasure(I’m hoping anyway). :slight_smile:
This is my first year attempting to knit everyone Christmas gifts, so I’m kinda nervous about it. Before, I didn’t know the purl stitch(sad, really) and wasn’t confident enough in my knitting abilities. I’m also afraid that I won’t have enough time to get everyone’s gift done, and I’m hoping that people are pleased with what I make them.
Good luck to everyone with their Christmas knitting!! :slight_smile:

I knit a vest for my 6 yo niece, but I don’t have plans to knit anything else. Yet. I may need to get some ideas online, as I like to make things for my coworkers.

Jen, just calling me Tresha is fine :D. As far as confidence in your knitting, try adding knitted gifts to your Christmas project list less than a week after learning how to knit stitch?:thud: My most beloved DH volunteered me to knit some gifts… :sigh: Luckily only a few family members know about me learning to knit so most of them would be just as happy with crocheted or sewn gifts. But at the moment to say that hubby and I are “low income” would be like saying “it was a little warm today” (Heat index of 116.)

And, Danisty, isn’t it wonderful to have husbands that look on our “Eccentricities” as a good thing?

BTW, if anyone has any ideas for last minute hostess gifts, a baby gift, and a wedding gift that can be done quickly I’m all ears. Next month I’m finally meeting the rest of Hubby’s family when we go up to WI for a wedding, birth, and family reunion. Needless to say, I’m starting to feel like I’m going insane.

starts checking out the websites of some of the local looney bins

CHRISTMAS!!!???!!! :tap::fingerwag::gah::out:

5 generations on both sides of the family living. There’s a total of 28 children on my Christmas list nevermind the adults. If it weren’t for homeschooling my bunch, I’d probably be starting on my projects January 7th. (Married into a European family and they celebrate Christmas from 12/25 to 1/6)

I just found this online and had to share it. It would make a great gift for someone who loves their mp3 player. It’s an I-cord that you knit around the headphones cord so it doesn’t tangle. I thought it was a great idea. It would look great with variegated yarns.

I found this on Knitting on the Net’s Facebook page. They have some great gift ideas.

I wonder if the headphone cover would help protect against my cat who loves to chew on that kind of stuff? I might just give it a try. goes to find video on I-cord

Maybe not if he’s anything like my cat. I call him Yarn Boy. He loves to chew a strand of yarn in half. It’s always on the project I happen to be knitting. I end up having to join the yarn together so I can keep going. Ugh!

When you get to the bottom of the Facebook page, click the more posts icon. This gives you tons of ideas for quick and easy presents and some sweaters which are a little more challenging. Something there for everybody.

I have waited so long to get around to giving some of the things I made for last year’s Christmas that I might just wait and give them to the intended recipients this year lol. Other than that, I haven’t thought much about knitting for Christmas this year. I seem to remember it was around this time last year that I was starting to plan my knitting for Christmas.

I just stick with small projects, otherwise everyone would be waiting for several Christmases.


I began my Christmas knitting in April. So far I have knit five Annis Shawlettes from
I’m finding it to be a fast knit. I have the last one on the needles. I haven’t blocked any of the yet. :knitting:

I love these little bags. I plan on making one for Mom and each of my nieces and sisters for Christmas. One done, 7 to go…for starters….

I made this one out of Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Cotton (which I really do…love). I am not a fast knitter…but, I got one done in just a few days

Not sure why, but my picture won’t load…I give up


Project Page

I have already started my Christmas knitting:
First with a dog jacket
2)Several hats for the homeless, family, and friends
3)One pair wrist warmers for my sister
4)Shawl for one mother
5)New dress for other mother’s favorite stuffed animal(long story)
6)yoga socks for me
Right now that is my knit list so far.
Christmas has to be my favorite holiday…