Christmas Knitting

Has anyone started knitting for Christmas? As I am a slow knitter and have several people I’d like to knit for, I thought it would be a good idea to get started and have a golf club cover on the go. I’m knitting it tubular style on 2 needles and so far it is working out fine.


I’ve thought about it but haven’t actually started. I’m planning to make sock monkeys for all the kids on my list and want to start that early but haven’t planned out Christmas knitting yet.

Sock monkeys sound like fun. I finished my golf club cover, but it hasn’t turned out very well - you can see the ‘join’. I don’t know whether to rip it out and start again or leave it and hope the intended recipient is thrilled enough to be getting a knitted gift from me to overlook the flaws lol.


Yup. I have an afghan and 2 fashion scarves on the needles, with yarn ready for a 3rd scarf as soon as I finish one. :knitting:

Since this was more of a question than a wip I moved it here to the General Forum. More people will see it and respond so you’ll get lots of ideas. :wink:

That said… no, I haven’t really thought much about it yet. I may make my daughters some more fingerless mitts, but I actually don’t do much knitting for anyone in my family. Way too picky.

My SIL prefers not to get a present, so this year she’s getting a bunch of hats for a baby charity. I’ll likely slip in one adult hat for her, too. I’ve already started the baby hats - they are my ‘in the car travel & waiting for DS’ projects. I’ve already got about 6 done.

I’m casting on a Christmas Socking today. I’m loving A Baker’s Dozen; Christmas Stockings patterns by Katie Nagorney and Ann Swanson.

I’m trading 4 of these for music lessons for my girls so they are for a friend’s children. Does that count for a Christmas project? Just someone else’ Christmas. LOL.

I sort of have. There are a number of people who have really appreciated a knitted gift in the past and I’m keeping them in mind. I’m thinking mittens and fingerless hand warmers. There also may be people who are “sockworthy”.:slight_smile:

I will most likely start after this summer tank top I’m doing right now. Then start a sweater for the husband, then more caps, mittens, gloves and scarves. I always keep those in a box in the room. What I don’t give out to the kids friends go to the local shelter.

Good Morning. I am new to this website. I love knitting. I have no idea how to post a thread or anything. Can anyone give me a crash course?
Thank you so much.


Hi, Cincy, welcome!

Well, you just figured out how to post a reply.

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Yep- I started quite some time ago! I am making an elephant blanket for my niece. I knit slowly too. And I have many other projects on the go. (but not necessarily for Christmas) although I am hoping to get all of my projects done before Christmas

I have a cable scarf I just finished for a Chinese Christmas gift. I just need to get started on the hat to match. Sock monkeys for the kids sounds like a wonderful idea. I may start one after I finish the baby blanket I’m knitting for my daughter who is due in July.

I’ve started on my hats and scarfs for the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan for Operation Gratitude. I’ve been involved for about 4 yrs. and it is so rewarding.

i have my list made… i’ll start working on them once i finish a few things for myself.

This year i’m not giving handmade gifts to anyone i haven’t given birth to. Last year I stressed and ended up overdoing it so that i ended up with that claw type thing going on with my hands, this year i was in a car accident and have a lot going on in addition to being unable to sit or stand for any length of time and i can’t knit while laying down (injured my back, still dealing with testing to see just how bad the damage is) so only my 2 youngest are getting anything handmade.

i have an afghan for my oldest almost done (crocheted, and almost done because i’m almost out of yarn and it’s been discontinued… but he wants a lapghan so it’s all good) and then i have the colors for my youngest.

if i get them done in time then i’ll probably work on sweaters for them.

Sounds like quite a selection of Christmas goodies - hope they turn out well!

I had another look at my golf club cover and noticed that it has the ladder effect in the shaping and not all the way from the cast-on. I still haven’t decided what to do with it, but it doesn’t look as bad as I thought at first.

Not sure what to do next - a phone cover or a wash cloth maybe.