Christmas Knitting KAL


how big is your niece? i used lionbrand suede and when i used size 4 and 5 needles I had to frog back because they weren’t booties but slippers. they were the size of my hand. about 5 1/2 inches long they could have fit a toddler. i had to size down the needles to i think 2 and 3 to get them to be baby size.

I just counted and realized that my niece is already 22 months! I didnt even realize that. But If they would have fit a toddler then they may fit her. Im not sure. I may see her in a few days so I’ll check out her feet, lol. Also Im thinking it might not be too hard to attach a sole so then she can walk about in them. We live in the middle of the desert, so there shouldnt be any problems with snow. And, her birthday is in late January, so I can start them after Christmas.

Oo! I want to join!

I don’t have an extensive list, and I’ve already made one of the gifts and gifted it before Christmas (because it got cold and I wanted her to have it early).

But I need to make:

Branching Out for my bf’s mother (maybe I won’t give it to her if it’s a disaster though)

A pair of socks for bf

Something for bf’s dad’s partner - I consider this the non-essential gift because I don’t yet know how she’ll react. But she’s a sweet lady so I think she will be quite delighted.

Whoa Chris, those KAL buttons so much better then what I was going to suggest (holly with yarn instead of berries). I’ve already saved the blue one and it’s about to be added.
On the tape measure, in Oz we had a sale at lincraft where if you spent $30 you got a free tapemeasure. and coz I’m so frequently there they let me have one even though I was a couple of bucks short (ask and you shall receive :slight_smile: ) Check out if somewhere near you has a freebie offer-it’s not adding to your stash, It’s stocking up on necessities to get a Freebie :wink: :roflhard:
And just to panic-I mean MOTIVATE everyone… 45 days!!! (I need to get my butt into gear)

AAAgh only 45. I am dying. I have got to start going faster. Perhaps I need to just knit. No housework, no homeschooling, no cooking, no nothing til I catch up. The scarf I am working on is up to 30 inches. What is a good length for a manly scarf? 50? 60? I will probably work on in it the rest of this evening. I at least want to get to where I have to change skeins tonight. Tomorrow I am going to try for at least twenty rows on my wrap. Then I will work on either my stocking or finish the scarf. I really need to start getting somethings actually finished. I have so much to do.
And yes calling me Melissa works for me.

Squee! Hobs and Firey Vixxen, you guys have no idea how happy it made me to see those icons in your signatures. I was trying to make the icons smaller but I didnt think the words would be big enough. So sorry, hobs, if its a little too big for you. And Vixxen, Im glad you downsized it. It looks rather good. I kept trying to make a mantle with a knit stocking, but my copy and paste tactics werent working. My photoshop skills aren’t the greatest. I ended up just image searching christmas and got the pictures and then added the words. So I cant take all the credit. But, if anybody with better photoshop skills than me wants to give it a shot, go ahead. In the meantime, I’ll work on trying to make a decent icon with Vixxens idea on it. I may be able to do it.

Also, Vixxen, what is Oz?

Melissa, I usually just end up knitting the scarves to the point where I can hang them around my neck and have the cast on and the needle at my waist. And then I bind off and hope to God the person I making the scarf for has a torso like mine. :teehee: But I would make it 60 to be sure. A little long wouldnt hurt.

i know thats so right dont do nothing but knit 45days ur jk right -knits faster-

Major Aussie/Ozzie Acsent Oz is Australia, mate. LOL
I have no idea how big the lincraft chain is and if it’s in America, but somewhere is bound to have a simular offer

Okay, I have finished the back and one sleeve of my DD’s Pullover. So, it is halfway finished (unless you count the seaming and such) but I have one more sleeve and the front to finish THEN I have a front right section to finish on a duster, two sleeves and the front ribbed band (I would say that the duster is about half done as well) and then I have a Dickenson Pullover to start and finish, I think that if i finish the two half done sweaters by december then I can do it. I bet the Dickenson Pullover goes by pretty fast, I love to make cabled things and i know that i will WANT to work on it (it’s 3 AM and I keep telling myself “just one more row”)

Then I still have some felted bags to finish (and some to start)
and a scarf… AAAAH I dread scarves, they take soooooo long and they have to be really long, the scarf is WAAAAAY at the bottom on my list of priorities though, if I dont have the time to finish it then I will buy one and pretend that i made it :stuck_out_tongue:

Drummerboi I love the KAL designs you made but i don’t know how to add it to my sig. How do i do it?

uggg i only have 20" done on my sis’ scarf and still haven’t added any more to my grandfathers scarf. will be working on that tomorrow. i may have to call in sick to work just to get this done. the problem is i have been working 11 to 12 hr days at work.

i NEED a day off just to catch up on my knitting. especially since i found out i can’t go home for thanksgiving and i had been counting on a 6hr plane ride of uninterrupted knitting. which means 12 hrs roundtrip. damnit. so i think a feel the flu coming. yep i think i feel it.

Scout, open the pics and right click on the image. cick save as and save to your computer. go to userCP and edit signiture. in the image box area click browse then find the button. select image and say ok. click upload image. click insert into signiture. check your sig, save your sig.
That’s basicly how I did it.

thanks fireviken.

Also though, if you want two pics in your sig, (like ravelry button and the kal logo) then just click the spot where you want it to be, and then just copy the url of the logo and put it in img brackets, like so: [img] url here [/ url] except withou tthe space after the slash. Thats what I did to get both the ravelry button andthe kal icon.

OK, I am still knitting the hat with earflaps for my mom for X-mas. I swear I have been knitting this thing for ages and it never gets any longer. Any body else ever have that happen?
Awesome pics drummerboi, by the way.

Thank you! And yes, it seems the same with my grams scarf. I’ve been knitting it for 3 weeks now and its not even a quarter of the way done yet.

i found a knitting club near me this should help me keep motvated. yay!

Alright, guys. In the time I should have been knitting, I procrastinated and made to more icon. I have larger versions if you guys want them. Just pm me. One of them is based of of a suggestion from Firey Vixxen. Withou furtherado, here they are!

Christmas Holly

Christmas Tree

The holly one was Vixxen’s idea. The berries are red yarn balls. The Christmas baubles on the tree are the same yarn ball, just heavily altered by some wicked skills that I didnt know I had. Also, the star on the top is a bunch of knitting needles, again heavily altered. Enjoy. Im now off to knit.

I’ll join in too. I’ve already finished 3 hat and scarf sets (fair isle, cable, and my first lace!). Gonna start another set tomorrow, after I find a pattern. :teehee:
I’m also going to make mini Weasley sweater ornaments for my class, with their initials. I really need to get going on those too, I have 16 of them to make! If I have the time, I might make a Ravenclaw and Gryffindor bookscarf for a couple of friends.

[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Same here…except I’ve been recyling yarn from some sweaters I picked up at Good Will. Have to go back to knitting today! Have to! :fingerwag:[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

I swear, the past few hours, I’ve been knitting like a man posessed, lol. I gotta catch up!