Christmas Knitting KAL

Its an actual pattern. Its a wristband with the Deathly Hallows symbol on it. But it uses either stranding or intarsia, so thats why Im waiting to tackle it after the holidays, because I’ve never done either one before. But I suppose with a few adjustments, duplicate stitch might work. Heres the link:

Hey everybody. :waving: I’m going to join this KAL.

48 DAYS?! Wow… I didn’t know it was that close!!! Here’s my To Knit list:

socks for grandma
set of dishcloths for sister, aunt, other grandma, sister in law
golf club cover set for dad and brother
hat or scarf for other brother
cosmetic purse for BFF
Fiber Trends Huggable Hedgehog for 2 year old cousin
scarf or hat for another brother
basket liners for my mom (to use in her Longerberger baskets)

Yep, so there’s my list. I’m pretty sure I won’t get to everything on it, but I’ll try to do my best to make whatever I can.

Howdy :waving: I’d like to join this KAL, too. Maybe we can all keep each other motivated! I don’t have as much to do as most people on here, but with two jobs it’s still a lot! So far I’ve committed myself to 3, maybe 4, quick-knit afghans, 5 Christmas stockings, a hat, a bag, and maybe a scarf. :eyes: How many days left until Christmas? lol

Make the scarf and ear warmers and put the gift bag off until after Christmas, just tell her it is coming. Then she will have something to store your lovely knitted items in during the summer. That was you will have more time to make the cup cozies and things. YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Good luck!

Alright! Good Idea! Thanks for the pep talk, err… Knitter? lol I think we need to have names we can call each other, other than the usernames. You guys can call me Christen, or Chris, whchever is easiest for you to remember.

Also, welcome to knitwit and ladyjessica! The more the merrier, and everyones welcome no matter if you have one thing or 50 to knit before Christmas.

You can just call me Alexandria :slight_smile:

I’d like to join.

Here is my list
For my BFF:
A baby layette from vogueknitting-done

pair of Baby ugg booties -done

Capalet-eve from

fun fur Scarf-done

Shawl from vogueknitting-just need to finish embroidery ughh hate embroidery

Henry Scarf from

Lil Sis:
2 reversible Cable Scarves-one started

Lil Bro:
Cambridge Jacket from interweave Knits-done

??? maybe Ribbed Bolero Jacket-not even on the needles

My Co-worker’s new baby brother
pair baby ugg booties-done

??? maybe a lacy scarf?

lacy scarf that she requested

I’ve been working since august so I’ve finished a lot of them but that henry scarf is kicking my a$$. but i really don’t think i’m going to get to my twin’s gift. damn my work for taking away precious knitting time.

for the handle on my damask bag I went to walmart and got some of their cord from the sewing section (it’s the same stuff they use for curtains or bedspread trim, you know, that silky rayon/cotton curtain tie-back rope) I used the thicker rope to make a ‘braid knot’ and then i secured it onto the bag with a very tight knot, I also bought some thinner matching rope instead of waxed cord like the pattern calls for. Get a few more yards than you think you need, extra is way better.

Thank you that will be a big help

Welcome, Scout! If you dont mind, what are the baby ugg booties? Do they really look like uggs? If so, they would be great for my niece! Can you share the pattern?

Thanks for the welcome.

I think the booties are too die for and they do look like little ugg boots.

here is the link for the pattern I will be posting my fo’s of the two booties that i did soon. i just took the pics but haven’t downloaded them yet.,2025,DIY_14141_3148516,00.html

i have done a few barbie clothes not much but some i was wondering if u lot had any extra nice but not to hard patterns? im thinking of maybe trying to do some of my owne. i stareted my photo frame made a mistake and had to frog aww dam never mind eh? im gonna try to get some more ideas for gifts by spying on you lot lol.

I dont know how to do Barbie clothes. Sorry, hob.

Scout, I absolutely love those booties. They are just about the cutest booties I’ve ever seen. I think my niece may be too big for them though. But, I know last time I checked, two of my cousins were pregnant and close to giving birth so I think I may call my Gram and see if either of them had girls. :teehee:

[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Many people that are allergic to wool are actually allergic to the chemicals used in the processing of the wool. (Yes, there are some that are actually allergic to wool itself, but the numbers are much lower than those allergic to the chemicals.) Have you tried washing a skein of wool yarn with shampoo, using cream rinse in the rinse, letting dry and knitting with that?

Buy a skein (not ball) of wool. Run hot water in the sink and add just a small amount of shampoo. Let the yarn soak till luke warm. Remove the yarn, gently squeeze. Refil the sink with hot water and add a little bit of cream rinse. Let the yarn soak again till lukewarm. Remove yarn, gently squeeze, wrap in bath towel, and step on it a few times to get the rest of the excess water out. Hang to drip dry.

Then try and knit. If you still have a reaction, then you have an allergy to the wool, if not, it’s the chemicals. And although it’s a pain to have to wash your wool before using, at least you can and you’ll be able to make fulled items. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just Jessica. :thumbsup:

Wow, Yarn Lady, I never even considered that. I just know that when I was a child, I had wool sweaters and such that my relatives would buy me for Christmas, and if I ever wore them I had to wear a thermal underneath, because otherwise I would break out in hives and start itching. Plus, my mom and my sister are allergic also. So I’ve just tried to stay away from the wool yarn also, and if I feel them, I be quick about it so its not in contact for too long. But I think I may try that and knit with it to see if my fingers break out.

Hello, Jessica. :waving:

:woohoo: The two pairs of clogs are fulled and nearly dry. I finally have reached an accord with the first wrap I started and think I might actually accomplish them. And th pig bag is just needs seaming a face and fulling. Well it will still need lining but that I can do later as it is for my daughter so if it is dry I can do it the night before her b day. I need to work about thirty rows a day on the wraps plus some on the other items as well. I just have to focus on what I am doing.

Thats fairly good progress, Melissa. Is it okay if I call you that?

Im still on the scarf. I was going to start the earwarmer, until I realized that I was kntting the scarf on the needles I needed for the earwarmer. :doh: And I had started the mug cozy but then I realized that I had measured my swatch wrong and it was actually 5 stitches to an inch, not 6. And then I had to frog it all because it was ten stitches too long and ended up being 12 inches intead of 10 1/2. I really need to invest in a tape measure rather than a ruler I printed off the internet. Im going to look for one today, so then I can measure how long the scarf needs to be and then measure the stripes and calculate how many more stripes I need.

ETA: I just realized that lots of KAL’s have little signature icons. Do you guys think we need some? I could probably whip up a couple in photoshop. What would we want on them?

Okay, because Im terribly impatient I’ve already made up a few icons. only one of them so far looks good as a small one, so only that one will fit in the signatures. Unless you want a big one in your signature. The others are larger and might fit better somwhere else, like maybe Ravelry or your blog or something. They were just such good pictures, I couldnt pass them up. I’ve put them on my photobucket so you guys can use them.

The smallest one

The bigger ones below:




If you need one just a bit smaller or larger, tell me, but I cant guarantee it will look good. Also, if you have a request or have a picture you want as an icon, let me know and I’ll try to make it to the best of my photoshopping abilities.

ETA: Here’s a even smaller version of the blue.

My order from elmore-pisgah - the manufacturers of Peaches and Creme cottons arrived and now I am in the midst of knitting 3 throw rugs. I love this yarn and the cones make it so I won’t have a lot of knots.

I am knitting one in “desert colors”, one in shaded denim and one in peach, light blue and cream. I only started them on Wednesday and all three are over 12 inches long all ready.

The desert one if for my sil Pam and spouse, the denim is for sil Sandy and spouse, and the other for sil Terry and spouse.