Christmas Knitting KAL

I’ve never done a knit along before, so forgive me if Im doing this wrong. But I propose there be a knit along for Christmas gifts. We can knit all the stuff we have to knit for Christmas together. If theres already one like this or this isnt the way we do things, just tell me and I’ll delete the post.

i was actually thinking we kind of needed something like this. yeah, i’m totally in. :thumbsup:
i am currently working on a rainy day scarf in mmmmalabrigo. (it’s my first - for both!) that stuff really does knit like a dream. that’s all i’ve got OTN so far, but i’m knitting everything this year (i know, :eyes:) so i’ll have a lot more before too long. i think i’ll have a couple going at a time so i don’t get tired of one project.

I am so in for this. I really need to kick into gear. By Christmas I still need to seam 1 and felt both pairs of clogs, finish my pig bag, knit two wraps, two sweaters, 3 scarves and one or two more bags. Oh and one stocking. There that is it. I think. What the heck was I thinking when I made up this list. I have only been knitting six months; stupid, stupid, stupid. Too late now I have most of the yarn. The worst is the wraps. I am really struggling and may have to frog and find a new pattern. Something more feather/ fan like. I think the one I am doing is out of my league.

and i thought [I]my[/I] list was long. i guess it helps that my world’s pretty small. :roll:

I just have to kick it in gear. I think that I will be ok if I can just get the wraps done or at least start making some serious progress. Still trying to see if I can find a plan b.

im in, not 100%sure of everything im makeing yet but there will be slipers, and a photo frame hopefully a baby blanket and i have done a cardi all ready.(little baby size one) oh and barbie clothes are on my to do list aswell. all small things so hopefully i will be done in time.

Great! Thats an extensive list there, stirsmommy. I only commited myself to making stuff for my DGM (dear grandmother), but I think I may make more than that. Im making her a huge yellow and white scarf that I barely have started, plus a matching ear warmer and a bag to put it all in. Then I think I’ll try to knit my DSM (dear stepmom) a hat and maybe some gloves if I can. Then I was also thinking of knitting mug cozies to give along with my homemade hot chocolate mix and gingerbread cookies. Im thinking I may start in on a mug cozie or two just so I have something to knit when I get sick of the scarf.

[COLOR=Purple][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]I’m in…I’ve gotten most of my Christmas knitting done, but do have a pair of felted Mary Janes, felted slippers, and a pair of socks to do, plus figure out what else I’m going to make for my two eldest sons… And I just decided I’d like to make a hoodie scarf for my best friend.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]


felted mary janes?!! :drool:

can you share the pattern or share who makes it?

I second that on the felted Mary Janes!!!

[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]The Felted Mary Janes are really easy. Basically it’s a sock with no leg and then once it’s felted you cut out the toe part and top of foot to make a faux strap!

I had to frog the ones I started (wrong needle size) and got about 35% of one done today. Pics will be on my blog in the morning.

I think I can join this even though I only currently have one Christmas knitting project planned - my brother’s Pirate’s hat. I’m doing a headband for a friend but haven’t decided if that’s for Christmas or what.

I have a big christmas list too and it’s nice to know that i am not the only one overwhelmed with knitting.
My list is as follows:
7 felted bags for my sisters(3 are done)

2 cabled baby cardigans w/zippers (1 is finished, other is OTN)

glove, scarf, and hat set

lionbrand homespun cardigan for stepmother (currently OTN, I altered pattern to make it into a long duster)

Bernat Softee Chunky Weekend Raglan for my father (I have been working on that while i read the threads and waited for pages to load, it’s in my lap right now)

Interweave Knits Dickensen Pullover for my mother (my mom wants a big cabled sweater and I have been wanting to work on it soooooo bad but I have told myself I need to finish both of the sweaters OTN first)

I have been working since August, and I have made a lot of stuff so far but i have such a long way to go. If I finish a sweater every two weeks with the bags and baby sweater as side projects (when I need a break) then MAYBE, I can do it. The sweaters are all bulky knits so it shouldnt be THAT hard… :help:
but I have learned my lesson, and next year my christmas knitting will begin in JANUARY.

You sound like me. Didn’t you make the damask bag for one of your sisters? What did you use for the handle? I am still trying to decide for the I made for my sil.

I get bored working with one color and upon realizing it, I have started a number of projects at once. When I get bored with one color or color combination, I flip project which means I am changing needle size as well.

Right now, I am working on finishing a 10 foot long scarf, a stole, Christmas star ornaments, hot pads/trivets, coasters, a baby blanket and poncho.

Wow! You all have absolutey huge lists! I managed to finish another stripe on my Gram’s scarf today, as well as knit the test swatch for the mug cozy. :woohoo: And I love those felted Mary Janes. If I could work comfortably with wool, I would add those to my christmas list for my stepmom, but unfortunately, my stupid wool allergy has prevented me from doing so. I never thought being allergic to wool would be a big deal, until I started knitting. I’ve been thinking of getting a ball of alpaca just to see if Llama wool bothers me as much as Sheep wool does. But of course it would have to be a rather small ball because if it does bother me, then all that wonderful alpaca yarn would go to waste.

I have to join this KAL. I’m making my BFF’s Teddy bears (3 total), my floormate a scarf (which I finished today:woot: :woohoo: :woot: )and a shawl, my DLB (Darling little brother) a blanket, and then a family friend has a baby due in early Jan so I’ve got a cardi and teddy for them as well (What is it with having babies in Jan? don’t people know we have Xmas knitting:p )
Anyway patterns for the printer and Knitting in Public is in my future-help me stay motivated.

Great! Welcome! Is it really only 48 days? I keep telling myself that I have all of November and most of December to finish up my Gram’s gifts but now it doesnt seem like so long. Actually, Im feeling a little panicky right now. And I just [I]had[/I] to tell my Grandpa that I was knitting something for him aswell. Now I have a mug cozy to add to the list! When am I ever going to find the time to finish the scarf, start and finish the earwarmer and the gift bag and then knit a mug cozy as well! Thats it, next year, Im just buying eveybody their own knitting needles and they can knit their own stuff. :teehee:

Hello All: I think it is a great idea to do a christmas knit-along. That way when it gets close we can panic togther as we stay up waaaay past bed time trying to finish what is OTN. For Christmas I just finished a stocking for my dad with a nice duplicate stitch pattern of a reindeer on it, from a martha steweart holiday issue. (however, I am not sure if it actually looks like a reindeer, but it took me so long to stitch in all that my spindly legged deer shaped thing will have to do!) I am also knitting a hat with earflaps (from last years holiday issue of Knit Simple) for my mom and I am knitting a scarf for me.
What is a Deathly Hallows wristband? Is there a pattern or are you making one yourself? My mama would probably like one for Christmas. :slight_smile: