Christmas knitting is done!

The Eyepillow/facecloth sets are KNITTED!!!



:cheering: :cheering:

Tia…those are SO pretty! What yarn did you use?

Wonderful idea! What a nice gift. They look very nice. :thumbsup:

Cool pattern! I was thinking of making eye pillows like that and sew on a back to them and fill them with lavender seeds. Pattern please?

those are so nice! I love them

I used THIS, in the Baby Blue, Mauve & Light Blue Violet.

THIS is the eye pillow pattern. Feministmama, the pillow is knit in the round, so you still need to sew a liner for it.

Thoes are so neat! Very pretty colors as well:)

Those are BEAUTIFUL!! :cheering: :cheering:

Very nice!!

Those are so nice. Make excellent travel gear also.

What fantastic and unique gifts to give! :smiley:

Just so pretty. Wish I was on your gift list!

Those are very pretty great job on them!! :thumbsup: