Christmas knitting - I bit off more than I can chew

So we’re down to the wire. I’m supposed to be making this circular shrug from for my SIL. I’m just starting it today. I’m going to have to be knitting around the clock to get it done by Christmas.

Why am I doing this to myself?

Has anyone else bitten off more than they can chew???

Wow, this is beautiful! I really hope you’ll be able to finish it on time :pray:

I was thinking of knitting myself a shrug, i wanted to know what yarn you’re using for this?

I have this beautiful fuchsia 100% acrylic yarn do u think it would be suitable for this shrug?

I know that a lot of people have used acrylic to make this so I’m sure that it would work perfectly!

I’m using Swish by in a dark brown color.

Thank you, I can’t wait to start! :happydance:

Oh man! I’m thinking good thoughts for you :pray: and sending good knitting karma. I decided to knit scarves for everyone and I’m still behind the 8 ball. May the knitting gods and goddesses smile upon you sister.

Nadja xxx

I had good intentions to knit gifts this year. I went to a favorite LYS and bought yarn to make friends scarves and socks, however I only got one scarf made. I ended up just buying gifts online for the rest of them. My intentions were good, just ran out of time. I didn’t even do any baking this year. But I have a new puppy, so things haven’t been the same in our house for the past month.

Yes, i have definitely bitten off much more than i can chew.

I don’t have a lot of money this xmas so i thought that i’d try and make a lot of gifts this year. I even ordered my yarn in October/beginning of November. But i have had NO TIME to sit down to knit! It’s awful!

and the people i’m knitting for are the ones i see in the evenings when i’m relaxing. ie, my sister - and i can’t avoid her because she’s going through a really rough time so i have to spend time with her when i can. but i can’t knit her gift in front of her! so i’m really worried i’m going to have to go out and spend even more money i don’t have to buy gifts for the day.

Argh… what a mess i’ve made.

I :heart: that pattern!

Do you knit Continental or English? I knitted English for a while, but when I switched to Continental, my knitting went almost twice as fast. That might help…or not…

Throwing good thoughts :hug: your way that you can finish this. If not, give her a card saying it is coming with how it is going to look and give it to her as soon as you can get it finished!

I actually finished everything with a week to spare, but I don’t work, don’t have kids at home, etc etc so can knit as much as I want. I also chose projects within my ability pretty much so I only stressed out about one thing and that was my grandson’s Beatle’s sweater.

Good luck kiddo and hope you can get it finished!


I was only going to knit one official gift this year. My mom requested a hooded scarf. I’ve had everything since before Oct. However, she wants it in black. It is boring yarn and a boring pattern. I just don’t want to knit it. I’ve hid away all my lovely yarn and patterns until I finish it. If it is a little late, no biggie. My mom understands.

Thanks for all of your sympathy and support! I’m sorry to hear that some of you are in similar boats.

I’m still hoping (fingers crossed) that I can finish it. Luckily things are really slow at work right now and the only boss that matters is a few states away.
Did i just say that?

LOVE the shrug!! (going to make it for myself… hehe)

I hope you get it finished… :smiley:

I hope you finish in time! I was beginning to worry that I wouldn’t get all the ends woven in on a scarf I made for one of the little girls I watch (it’s striped so there were a ton of ‘em and silly me, I didn’t weave in as I went), but got that done last week then I started to worry that I wouldn’t have enough yarn to finish the leg warmers that I made to match the scarf, but I did. Now all that is left is to add the fringe to her scarf and fringe to the scarf I made her sister. It seems the knitting gods and goddess’ were with me, so now I give them to you! :teehee:

I M knitting a set of wristers
and some felted bags
other than that every0one told me they doid not want anything
so I M covered if I M not done on time
we shall see if I get away with it


Two days before we head up to my parents’ house, and I still have Mom’s scarf to finish…so tonight and tomorrow night will consist of packing, knitting, wrapping gifts, knitting, cleaning the house, and KNITTING!!! :doh:

ooh… you’re going to be up all night…

Good news is that I’m 1/2 done with that shrug…