Christmas knit plea for help-pattern for decent mens hat anyone?

I’ve decided its hats for Christmas this year… and am going great guns on the ladies hat front. Cabled berets in all colours shapes and sizes are flying off the needles. I can’t find any decent patterns for mens hats… and believe me I have looked. All the usual places on the internet pattern central etc., all my old knitting books (there are a lot of these) and knitting friends in the UK. All drawing a blank. I need something relatively complicated to knit (so I dont get bored) but elegant in a manly way - English men wont wear fussy. So please help if you can and keep a British bonce warm this winter…

No reason men can’t wear cables, too. Here’s several though to check out.

Marsan Watch Cap

This is my fav. It’s simple and manly and looks great in any yarn. I have literally made DOZENS of them.

Have you tried Lionbrand?
They have tons of patterns.


Marnie has some good ones:

There is also the london beanie:

Dear all,
Thanks v much for all these marvellous suggestions. Had to wait to get to the office (PDF reader is busted on home computer) to get hold of some of these patterns. Am going home soonish to test the Utopia hat… and have never been so organised for Christmas before. Sign of age I suppose.

Big thanks from me