Christmas Hats

I made these for my cousins (they’re all either 16 or 17, I don’t remember). As expected, the adults were more impressed than they were.

They look GREAT, Cate!! And, PHOO on them for not being extremely enthusiastic. They WILL be when they get all kinds of compliments from their friends!

Thanks! I’m used to that reaction. I’ve been making presents for them on and off for years. These were the cheapest I can remember, though! I used Wool-Ease, so it was really inexpensive. Last year, I did necklaces with wire and glass beads.

I think those hats are spectacular!! So there!

:inlove: just beautiful!!

Those are really nice! sometimes younger people dont realize that stuff that is made can be better/more thoughtful wtc. than gifts that are bought.

those hats are really HIP!

where did you get the pattern? i’d like one for myself =)

The pattern is here. I used Lion Brand Wool-ease, so it was cheap, too!

YUM! thank you :slight_smile:

Very pretty. Thanks for the pattern site. :thumbsup:


:cheering: :cheering:

Really nice hats!!! :smiley:

Thanks for the pattern! :happydance:

I think they are gorgeous, (and I bet they don’t SMELL!)

I love :inlove: :heart: :inlove: the hats…I want one :wink:

awesome–I love them!

:inlove: Those are nice…