Christmas gifts

I’m a bit late posting pictures, but we can always use more p0rn pictures :slight_smile:

I received a $50 gift certificate to my LYS. The wonderful thing is they have a 20% off sale for the month of January (This is Stitches N Stuff in Longview, Texas btw), so this is what I’ve bought so far (I still have almost $20 left). I plan to make the Corsett-T that they had on This will my first attempt at a garment crosses her fingers.

I also got the knitpicks options needle set from my husband. I also bought a pair of colored denises from knitpixie. I wraped those and put them under the tree. My husband threatened to take back my knitpicks needles. He just doens’t understand why I"d need TWO sets of needles. Silly boys. They’ll never understand.

I had a very nice christmas and can’t wait to figure out another project to go buy yarn for with the rest of my gift certificate.

I can’t wait, my birthday is a little over a month away. MORE YARN :slight_smile:


PS Please excuse the nasty coffee table. I have a 2 year old and he stands on everything. We want to replace, after it’s finished being a launching pad to the couches :slight_smile:

ok total drool here… soooo wonderful… and you’re right, some men just don’t understand need for needles, & needles, & yarn, & yarn…etc.

Enjoy!lol :passedout:

Lucky, Lucky, LUcky Girl~~ :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

What a pretty shade of blue! Your picture of your Options is making me jealous. One day to go until I receive mine in the mail!!!

I want options to but my husband says :fingerwag: I already have denise’s and the boye set he said thats plenty of “options” right there!!

Ohhh, look at all your lovely needles! And the yarn too is beautiful. I have recently begun dreaming of having a whole needle set all to myself, now maybe I want two!
I love your coffee table by the way. It reminds me of the table in my dining room- which is the table we had in my house growing up, and well over thirty years old. My sister carved her initials in it and everything…ahh memories.

Wow, total needle heaven!

And that blue just knocks me out! :cheering:

Wow! You’re going to have a knittin’ good time with all that. :cheering: :cheering: