Christmas gifts: leg warmers and a hat

Finally, pictures are taken :slight_smile: These are gifts for my friend’s kids, modeled by my kids.

I used a free pattern to get the principle of a top down hat. But it was for a completely different yarn so I had to make quite a few modifications. And the leg warmers are from here

Those are adorable and will make great gifts for your friend’s children. They look perfectly cozy and warm.

Very nice hat. It looks thick and warm and the yarn stripes up nicely.

Cute legwarmers for the little ballerina.

Those are great. The kids are going to love them.

Oh those are adorable!!

What pattern did you use for leg warmers? Can you please share? I would love to make some for my daughter for dance. Thanks

Look in the first post. She included the pattern!

These are too cute, Olha. As always, you do such lovely work!!

Just precious!! I’m sure the kids will love them!