Christmas gift - Jordana Bag

Yippee!!!. Ho Ho Ho to me.

This is what Hubby got me for Christmas, right off my list. Doesn’t he follow instructions well.


gorgeous!!! and purple too!!! Nice hubby :slight_smile: Mine got me my Denise’s YAY!

What a beautiful bag!..I LOVE the color,nice gift from your hubby!

all I got for Christmas was this cat!!!

I doooo love purple! That is great! Big :muah: and :hug: to a good hubby. Jack and I decided to take our Christmas budget for each other and apply it to our Las Vegas vacation. We do this each year because that way we get to fly first class and there is nothing like flying first class!

Yeah to the generous hubbies all around!!!

:cheering: :cheering:
Nice Gift


have fun on your trip to Vegas!!!(I just moved not too far from there…Southern California),now i’m living in Muncie,Indiana and I honestly LOVE Muncie,In WAY more than Calfornia for lots of reasons!!!(too congested there,it’s a rat race,most folks have a bad attitude or a snobby one,where I was living up in the canyons it got WAY too hot with little relief,I’d rather have Cold weather anyday than weather that is WAY too hot,at least when it’s cold you can put on extra clothes when it’s hot you have little relief even if you wear nothing,believe me,I’ve been there!it’s NO picnic to be a imprisoned by your a/c all day!(I was living in Acton,Ca)anyhow that’s all for now,meanwhile I’m going to settle in for a wonderful long snowy nite!

take care!


:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: Great gift Dee!

My hubby got me the same bag in grahite - they are good to us aren’ they? :teehee:

Sara Jane,

Your doggies are adorable!..are they related?..just wanted to add from my description of how I am happier living where I am in Muncie,Indiana as opposed to Acton,California where I was living this past July[I lived in Acton,Ca since 2001]…that I am FULLY aware that the Summertime in Muncie is humid but that at least there is a respite in the form of thunder showers and/or rain whereas in the canyons of Southern Cal there is barely any rain(once in awhile)and the desert like atmosphere on top of the unbearable heat in the summer is more than I can take ESPECIALLY while going through menopause(LOL!:-)the younger women will have to wait awhile to experience this!but believe you me!..the COLD CLIMATE is VERY welcoming during menopause because of the HOT flashes etc!!!Yeah! younger women will find out later on in life!..well that’s all for now,gotta get things done and go buy my knitting needles. :teehee:

Happy knitting days to ya! :muah:


I got the SAME EXACT BAG!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: Same color and everything!

It was the last thing I opened and before I did, I said “And now, for my knitting satchel!!” because I sent the link to my mom :teehee:

Mary -

Thanks! I love my puppies! They are not related but they are both jack Russell Terriers. Sparky is about two years old and Skeeter is about a year and a half old. They grew up together and are like brothers (and they fight like brothers too! :teehee:

Can’t wait to start using my JP bag!

Sara Jayne

Really cute :heart: dogs for sure!..Sorry that I spelled your name incorrectly[ in my last post] I just noticed that the “Jane” is actually spelled "Jayne"so please forgive me!

have a good day! :hug:


No problem Mary!! :slight_smile: I get Sarah Jane all the time, so I’m used to it!