Christmas Gift Ideas - Give or Get inspiration here!

I know alot of us are working on Christmas gifts right now, so I thought it would be fun to compile a list of patterns and yarn that we are using. It will also help me out… I’m already running out of ideas!

So I will start with what seems to be the Official KH Christmas gift!

Fiber Trends Clogs with Cascade 220

Please feel free to add your ideas and maybe post pics as you complete them!

I thank you in advance for helping my uncreative mind!!! :roflhard:

What a GREAT idea, Amp! This thread will be a BASTIAN of INSPIRATION!!

I am making a gagillion pairs (well, 15) of Fiber Trends clogs, as well as a double-knit hat with a White Sox design (same hat Ive made twice before with Woolease), and Im making a scarf of some sort, I havent quite decided on the pattern, but it will be Bernat Denimstyle in Weathered Rose.

I am going to knit a Hello Kitty doll for my friend who loves Hello Kitty stuff. She’s a knitter, so it will go over well. I’m hoping to make it useful somehow, like maybe put a little pouch to store her stitch markers or something. I have the pattern, but it’s bookmarked on my comp downstairs.

So far there are the infamous clogs, one pair done, two to go

I’m going to knit the Cozy shawl with the Mandalay yarn called for–oooh silk, my first.

If I can bring myself to return to the tumbling blocks afghan with a combo of Canadiana and Encore that I’m trying to use up

Oh–an actual finished DNA scarf

a sweater I started for my niece and just rediscovered when I moved all my knitting books to new shelves (sigh. . .)

My son is very much into Kung Fu and there are five animals and a yin-yang symbol on his school’s shirt. I’m formulating a plan for something that will incorporate all that–sweater, blanket, scarf? I don’t know yet.

I am making the Irish Hiking Scarf in the Woolease Rose Heather for my aunt and may make a matching one for my uncle in some grey or tan. I’ve neve tried cables before, so I can’t wait!

I made some dish cloths for my mom (ok, mom and dad! LOL). Here are the patterns I used: , , and I want to make one more, not sure which pattern just yet. They are all done in yellow, matches her kitchen :smiley: I’ll try to post a picture

I will also probably make a scarf or something for my brother and his girlfriend.

I hope to knit more if I can get these things made first!! :XX:

I just got this book from the library and am seriously considering knitting matching girls’/Barbie sweaters for my neice and my Goddaughter. The patterns are sooo cute!

I’m a little worried, though…my Goddaughter is getting an American Girl doll for her birthday in October and I fear that Barbie may go out of fashion by Christmas…has anyone seen knitting patterns for American Girl dolls? :wink:

American Girls Dolls have been around so long I can’t imagine that there aren’t patterns out there somewhere. I’m sure I’ve seen sewing ones.

I think I know why the dolls are so expensive. I bought my daughter one when she was about 9 or 10. We still get catalogs. She’ll be 25 in a few months!

My lil sis got one this year for her bday (she is 7) I am making her a poncho for christmas and I am sure she would love one for Katyln (the AD). As she says…“That’s Fashion”

Will have to hunt around for measurments of the doll.

well, clogs for me, a gagillion eleventy-ples pairs, since DH decided I have to knit them for all his family too. (okay so it’s liek 12, but who cares). Probablly a tank or tshirt for my friends 2 year old, and I was thinking about making a baby santa hat for my friend’s son, who is due on October. I’ll probablly do some generic fun fur scarves for my “emergency” gifts (to take to school or parties in case i forgot someone who got me something).

OOOH…I just checked the new patterns at knittinpatterncentral…I may have to throw this lacy wrap onto my list for SOMEONE (maybe me??). SO pretty!

Ahhh I just ordered a load of yarn from Knit Picks for presents. It is already sending me into a panic attack. So far I have in mind: KC Chief hat for Step dad. Some sort of Des Moines Buc scarf for my mom. Hat for DH. Hats maybe matching mittens for my nephews. Ooooh the anxiety.

[color=red][size=2]perks up at Des Moines[/size][/color]

What’s a Des Moines Buc Scarf? yeah i tried googling and didn’t see anything jump out at me :??

I’m a little over halfway through a scarf for one of my stepdd’s. She’s a redhead, and I’m using Red Heart Plush, in celery. It’s a really pretty, and soft yarn. I still have to decide on a hat to make out of the same yarn, to go with it.

I’m going to make a matching scarf and hat set for my daughter-in-law, and a niece, too. I’m doing simple garter stitch, mindless projects, that I can whiz through quickly.

I want to make my dd the Alien illusion knitting scarf from the Stitch’n’Bitch book. I know she’d just love it. I have got to get the yarn ordered soon.

I also want to make my dd the fiber trend clogs. I need to order the pattern and the yarn for them.

I also want to make either this moebius scarf , or this hooded scarf for my daughter’s landlady. :?

That’s as far as I’ve got on my list.

Des Moines Bucs are the junior hockey team here.

oh Kelly, that is so pretty!!! And I think I may even be able to manage it. I may try giving this a go for grandmother (she is very stylish!!)

Yes, that is a beautiful wrap. I want to make something elegant for my mom, but not too difficult. I’m just not ready for difficult. :rollseyes: That pattern does look like one I could follow except, what does “pm” mean? :??

are you FROM Des Moines?!?!?!?! I am going to a wedding in Oskaloosa in September and working on convincing my mother that we need to go to the Pink House on our way back from it.

Of course i have to work on convincing her that my travel plans make more sense than her travel plans do… :wall:

I just took a sneak peak at the “Abbreviations Explained” page and it said “Place marker” I guess so you don’t forget to knit the last three stiches. I just finished making a bunch of dish clothes, and they were like that too, but I didn’t use a marker. I don’t knit that fast! :lol:

Ahh, place marker. That makes sense! :doh:

Thanks! :smiley:

Do you have a pattern for that? I bet that would be soooooo adorable! I have a few prego friends who are hounding me for some cute gifts:)