Christmas gift, free patterns

Hi :smiley:
I’m very happy of tell you that since today 19-12-2009 until 26-12, two of my for sell patterns (here just one is pictured because the other is a crochet pattern), are free as Christmas gifts.

I hope that you enjoy so much, and if you have corrections, or questions, please just write me, i will appreciate it a lot too.

Ravelry Download

Hugs from Chile all, and Merry Christmas!!! :hug:

That’s a lovely pattern! Thank you!

Thank you. That is so sweet of you to share. My grandchildren will love them. :muah:

Wow - thanks!


And I ordinarily don’t like colors unless its on something strange.Like a red pair of skinny jeans :slight_smile:

A little someone comes to mind when I see these photos.Her name is Bjork.