Christmas FOs: Baby Converse & Balaclava

Here they are! Batteries croaked on the camera so it took me a while to get these uploaded. Just wanted to share a couple of the knitted gifts I gave this year for Christmas presents.

The Baby Converse were for my soon-to-be-nephew.

The Balaclava was for my Dad to use when he goes hunting. I should have made it longer but he’s got a scarf that he uses around his neck so hopefully this will work well enough for him.

THANKS TO KNITTINGHELP.COM for ALL YOUR HELP. Without all of you, I’d NEVER have gotten these done. Both items were the result of MANY firsts in knitting for me. Thank you all for helping me make these gifts.

Both items look great! I especially like the “sneakers!”

OMG those little sneakers ar SOOO cute. The hat looks great on your Dad too. Good job!

The sneaks are cute, and is that a big smile I see under the balaclava? Good job, making people happy while you get to knit.

Congratulations. Great work. You should be proud.:thumbsup:

OMG - the baby converse booties so cute. I just love them.
Great job on the balacava too.

Thanks y’all! I am proud of how they turned out. Dad’s balaclava got “Cool” responses and the baby booties got “OMG” responses!

They came out great!! I love the baby converse. where did you get the pattern?

There is a slightly different version that can be found on Ravelry but this is the one that “they” claim looks a little more like Chuck T’s.

:passedout: the converse are too cute!!!

Great job on the Balaclava :thumbsup:

Awesome job!

Wonderful work! Is that your Dad wearing the hat? Too cute! :thumbsup:

Both look great! I think the sneakers are adorable.

everything looks great! the baby converse are especially adorable!

Those All Stars are adorable! And the balaclava looks really warm. Where did you get the pattern for it? I’d like to make one for my son to wear skiing.

Great job on both projects!! The sneakers to just too cute and your Dad’s hat looks wonderful!

Many thanks to you all for your kind words of praise on these FOs. Yes, that is Dad sporting his new balaclava. The pattern for it can be obtained at the following link:

Now that all the bday’s and holidays are past, HOPEFULLY, I can get back to my knitting. I found several adorable things I want to knit over the holiday so I’m envisioning a trip to the LYS very soon!

Very cute shoes and dad is going to keep warm out in the woods, though a tad scary! :rofl:

I LOVE both of the items you knit!! Or should I say all three :teehee: Great job! really cute tennies, btw!

I just want to say your little Converse’s are SO cute!
When I saw yours, I just HAD to make some for my grand babies.
Could you please tell me how you made the circle and the star on the side? Did you knit it? Or use material?
THANK YOU for any information concerning this,