Christmas FO Sweater for DIL

I decided to give her the option of a ribbon or button to close. The sweater is the color of her eyes!
Susan in NC

Beautiful :muah: It looks really soft what kind of yarn?

Thanks! :muah: I used Rowan Big Wool. I like the feel too! This sweater was done on size 17 needles so a fast knit. I knit socks alot so I felt like I was knitting with telephone poles!
Susan in NC :teehee:

so adorable!

It’s beautiful and i love the ribbon… she’ll love it!


Can you tell me the pattern you used? I love projects that knit up quick with those big sticks!! :teehee:

Thank you so much! The pattern is French Girl and I believe it was “Francine”. has the best selection I’ve found. My LYS is going to stock them soon after seeing this sweater. I have also made other French Girl patterns and they are all quick and very chic. My almost (in May) DIL loves the things I have made her from this line.
Merry Christmas!! :heart:

Susan the Sop 1 in NC

THE WEBSITE IS and the French Girl pattern was Fantine. I made Isobel also. It was really cute and easy and fast. Sorry about the error. I am crazed with Christmas knitting and all the rest !!


:roflhard: [/b]