Christmas bookmark

I made this for my dil who loves reading xmas books. Thought she would enjoy a Christmasy bookmark when reading them.
It is double knit, so one side a mirror image of the other.
So love this double knitting! This looks like the trees are smiling. It is a free pattern on ravelry by Sandra Jager called Tannenbaum. Here are pix of both sides.

They are not perfect. After 8 rip outs, I am sticking with the story that one of the trees was drunk and the saying when made with love the imperfect becomes perfect!

It is a little thick like Jan thought, but a new fun tradition for her each year I hope.


I love it! They are indeed smiling trees and they made me smile, too.

Thank you salmonmac. I am tickled with them. Still amazed at the people who come up with these patterns.

Beautiful!! Since you love double knitting take a look at Lucy Neatby’s patterns. I filtered for double knitting.

There are lots more of course, but hers tend to be mind boggling. lol

She’s my hero!