Christian Knitters' Blog Ring & Frappr Map

Christian knitters: I just found a Christian Knitter’s blog ring as well as a Frappr map


I joined! :slight_smile:

:muah:Cool! I created my own too last night for Houston Knitters. I was hoping this might help me get to make some knitting friends, since I’m not able to hang out at the LYS.

I changed my Houston Christian Knitters blog to just a Christian Knitters In Stitches…I didn’t want to limit my online Christian knitting friends to just local

My friend and I have a small Christian crafting community, but we aim a little more for the geek Christian crafter, mainly because that’s what we all are.

Oooooh, nice site!!! But what’s a “geeky” Christian crafter? I’m fairly geeky

Well, our first knit-along was to make dragon stoles, based on knitty’s vegan fox stole pattern, if that tells you anything about us. We started CW originally because a lot of Christian craft sites seemed to focus on kids stuff, and only one of us has kids so far, and sometimes Craftster gets a little too bawdy. I’ve tried to be more of a blogger, but I’d much rather be part of a community than have a blog.

I run a ministry for Christian female geeks called TechnoChicks (it will come up on Google), so most of the group is a crossover from there.

Great! I joined. I have no kids either. Where will the emails come from? I need to add the domain to my spamblocker’s friends list.

I see you got activated, so it’s all good. :yay: