Christening blanket

Pattern is from Yarn Lovers room, titled Knit Baby Blanket. Intrigued me because the person said an Aunt was making a doll dress and this person asked her to do a pattern in the same stitch for a blanket. So, here is my Christening blank for upcoming granddaughter. The pattern does seem to be almost reversible, I think both side look like they could be the right side.

It’s beautiful! :inlove:

It turned out lovely! It looks nice and soft too! :slight_smile:

Very pretty!

Beautiful blanket! What are the dimensions?

Very pretty! Looks so soft and snuggly!

That’s beautiful! And beautifully done.

It really was soft. I wasn’t sure at first with the yarn but once washed it was wonderful. Thanks!

It think it was about 34 x 34 or might have been a bit smaller. There weren’t any real dimensions, just cast on 127 follow pattern until desired length and then 10 rows of garter stitch for border.
Thanks for the compliment!

Thanks for the info. I have just finished a white blanket for my DD, and decided to end it when I had “had enough.” It is about 33" x 35". Seems about right. I have enough yarn to do matching hat and booties. Pictures soon.

Yes that sounds about right for the size, others I have made are pretty much the same as yours and the one I just did/ Can’t wait to see your pictures

Wow, that’s beautiful! Lovely work.

Absolute perfection! Great job!

Just beautiful!!

Gorgeous! Looks really soft!

No way perfection when I see all the gorgeous things you make but thanks for the compliment:happydance:

Thanks Wanda, it is very soft. By the way, precious little girl!

Lovely blanket. White is always so perfect for babies. You are right it looks very nice on both sides. :woot: