Choosing the proper yarn for a project?

Okay. I’m signing up for Hildie’s Year of the Sweater KAL, and for my first project I’ve chosen the Donna pattern from Magknits.

I want to keep the price per skein down, naturally -the more I save, the more projects I can knit! I also have issues with elastic in yarns (frequently causes me skin rashes), so the Lana Grossa “Point” yarn used in the pattern is a no-go for me.

In looking for substitutes for the worsted-weight Point yarn (cotton/elastic), I found the following:

Knitwerx carries “Oasis” (cotton/linen), in varigated.
Knitpicks carries “Merino Style” (wool), in many solid colors.

My question is which one would have the most stretch, and which is the best choice overall for a spring look?

Well, Oasis would look the most Spring-ish, but cotton/linen has no stretch. Cotton also doesn’t do much for ribbing - it will bag out quickly and loose that hug that the designer was going for.

Merino Style should have some stretch.

Have you looked at Elann? You can click on ‘products’, ‘yarns’ and then click on the link to do a ‘yarn search’ by wt. Here’s worsted. I’m not sure what you are allergic to, but Schachenmayr Only Stretch has supperwash wool/acrylic/nylon and looks pretty.