Choosing sizes


I’m having a problem iwth a pattern, it ony supplies sizes 32",36",40" & 44"

When I knit a jumper I usually take 34". The yarn I’m using is 100% wool. Which size should I take and how much does wool in general stretch/shrink after blocking?

I’m making this cardigan


It looks like the pattern will give you that exact size when finished. So do you want it to fit you exactly, snugly or a little bit of room. Blocking won’t generally make an item smaller, it can stretch it a bit larger. The only way to tell is knit up a sample of the yarn you want to use. If you get less than 20sts/4", maybe 18 or 19 sts, then you could probably make the 32. If you get more, like 22 sts, then you could make the larger one.

Measure a sweater you like the fit of. Make it that size, or as close as you can. Your gauge can also affect the size.

I’d opt for the size 36". The sweater is kind of what I’d call a wrap-a-round, held by a pin in the front. If you make it too small, the sweater is not going to close in the front nicely. That would be a disaster.

I was thinking make the larger one too because you may be able to pin it so it fits right since it’s a wrap.

Yep, I’d agree. It didn’t strike me at first that it’s a wrap, but the larger size would give you room to adjust, where the smaller one wouldn’t as much. Also, since it’s a cardi, it would go over a top and need a bit of extra room.