Choosing Baby Yarn

I would love to knit something for our neighbor’s adorable six-month-old boy but I’m unsure of which fabric content to choose. Are babies often sensitive to wool? What brand and fabric content would you recommend for a little guy? I’m wanting to do a baby hat and possibly a matching sweater. I don’t have a pattern but am going to check out some library books with baby patterns. Thanks for any help you can give me!


I haven’t done a lot of knitting for babies, but there are some nice soft yarns out there that aren’t wool. Whatever you choose make sure it’s WASHABLE AND DRYABLE. Having raised three children EVERYTHING goes in the wash!

Happy Knitting! :XX: :XX:


I like the Bernat Softee Baby. Nice, soft yarn in nice colours, machine washable AND dryable, and Bernat puts the patterns the print on their labels on their website as well… I found that REALLY handy this week when I couldn’t find my label anywhere!

:cheering: :cheering: Here, here for Bernat Softee Baby yarn!!! Makes very soft baby items AND mommy can throw it in the washer and dryer!!! A great value.

ALSO: Lion Brand Yarn makes “Micro Spun” which is an ultra-soft microfiber sports-weight yarn. Very smooth (not fuzzy) and ULTRA soft!!! Machine washable, also! However, they don’t offer pastel colors. BUT, you can use white or lilac (actually a perriwinkle blue) to make beautiful and soft baby items. Also, a great value.

:heart: :heart: BUT…the SOFTEST I have found is “Snuggly Bubbly” by Sirdar. It, too, is machine washable. You’ll never BELIEVE how soft this stuff is! Comes in beautiful, pastel colors. This yarn is bubbly, though, so all you do is the stockinette stitch. The bubbles make the pattern! A rather expensive yarn…but well worth the investment for an extraordinarily soft yarn! :heart: :heart:

Happy knitting! :XX: :XX:

Peter Pan by Wendy is a wonderfully soft yarn that is also machine washable. It also comes in real colours, which I consider a plus. In the unlikely event of me ever bearing children, I would go insane with all the pastels. Red is the first colour a baby sees, not lilac or periwinkle or mint or soft rose. Nice bright red, followed by the other primary colours if I remember correctly.
But I’ll stop ranting about pastels now. Wendy yarns are good to touch, and Microspun is also astonishingly soft. Bernat CottonTots doesn’t feel like much on the ball but knits up nice and soft, and comes in somewhat brighter colours than most baby yarns as well as the typical pastel stuff.
It’s always best to look at the labels just to make sure that any baby yarn you buy is machine washable, just in case. Why someone would market a ‘hand wash only’ baby yarn is beyond me, though. Babies are messy, and you aren’t likely to have all the time in the world to handwash your child’s garments. Especially not if it’s your second child or more.

Thanks so much for your suggestions everyone! I’ve browsed on the web and am off to the yarn store tomorrow.