Chocolate Lovers Anonymous!

What’s your favorite chocolate?
Are you addicted to chocolate?
Could you care less about chocolate?

This topic is for all your chocolate, chocolate, chocolate discussion.

i luv Chocolate… but i got migraine once i ate them… i got acid reflex and my sympton is getting migraine even if it a small tiny piece…

i am sad everytime i walk by a chocolate boutique… Zurich got alot here and can u imagine i am allergic to them… i thought i am the odd one…but my DH co-worker had the same issue too …

you all eat a bunch for me… valentine is on the way … let’s celebrate it with CHOCOLATE !!! buy more yarn too ! i bought alot of different kind of yarn and needles here !!! i am totally nuts about knitting … since i cannot have chocolates i will SUBSTITUTE with lots of yarn and knitting needles !!! :roflhard:

ooh, i’m SUCH a chocolate lover.

my FAVORITE EVER: Chuaco Chocolatier, which is out of Encinitas, CA. (It’s pricey, though.)

I went through a period when I was 12 until I was like 16 where I didn’t like chocolate :noway: (I know, I must’ve been crazy) but now I love it!! I’ve especially gotten to like dark chocolate. Basically chocolate in any form is good for me, my dad makes this great hot chocolate in the winter that’s Ghirardelli’s and he puts chocolate shavings on top…yum!! The only thing I don’t really like is boxes of choclate because I’m not really that into some of the fillings in them.

Ohhhh I love chocolate. Especially dark chocolate, around 70-75% cocoa. However I tasted chocolate containing 99% cocoa and it was awful. So the darker the better? not necessarily for me.

The best chocolate I ever had in my life was handmade from a little store here in Montreal. It was… perfect. Chocolate with caramel and fleur de sel, or cayenne pepper, or even flavored with olive oil. Some combinations sound strange… but they’re all insanely good. Not to mention that each chocolate is decorated by hand… it’s very expensive of course but what a treat!

I love chocolate too. :muah: Unfortunately…its shows. :shrug:

mmm… dark chocolate. I allow myself one piece a day based on the advice of a friend who lost over 100 pounds. She said that she would allow herself one piece of chocolate everyday. It was much easier to resist baked goodies and pastas if she knew she had a piece of decadent chocolate waiting for every evening after dinner.

So now I’m on the Southbeach and chocolate diet. Maybe I should write a book and make millions!

Oh Sandy, that picture! Like Kaydee, I didn’t like chocolate so much when I was younger. I didn’t dislike it, but I prefered sugar candy like Starburts and Nerds. I still like those things, but now I love chocolate too. Also, the older I get the darker I want my chocolate. :shrug:

I think I’m going to have to order a box of See’s Candy. I love the Raspberry Buttercreams, which come encased in very good dark chocolate. Mmmmm . . .

I’ll join this club!! Except that I don’t care if I’m anonymous or not.

Anyone who knows me knows I :heart: chocolate!!! In fact, the teachers at work will bring me chocolate when they have a computer problem (I’m the computer tech for my school). :teehee:

I prefer milk chocolate over dark, though.

My favorite chocolate thing was something my daughter and I discovered in the fall.

When driving through Atlanta for a soccer weekend, we stopped at Lenox Mall to get some makeup that is sold exclusively there (yeah, yeah, spoiled, I know).

Anyhow, after stopping for lunch at Panera Bread, we were walking out when I noticed a walk-in Godiva store. Poor dd was pulling my arm (picture a 14yo doing this), but she was not strong enough to pull me away from my love.

We wound up getting the most AMAZING cold drink. It’s the Caramel Chocolixer.

They lined the bottom of the cup with caramel. Then they pour in the chocolate drink, which has a Godiva chocolate bar blended into it (so you taste the bits of chocolate when you’re drinking it). Then they put whipped cream with caramel drizzled on top.

This is, by far, the smoothest drink I have ever had. :clink:

You should have seen my daughter’s eyes light up when she tasted it. I wish someone would have taken a picture of us…shared bliss…one rare moment of getting along through the power of chocolate. :teehee:

Then, she went on to have the most FABULOUS two games of her soccer career. Must have been the drink.

When we drove home, we HAD to stop by and get the same drink again. It was, after all, a reward for her GREAT weekend!! :rofl:

Projectgal, I SOOOO agree with you and your friend on that. I definitely think allowing yourself a small treat every day is better than trying to cut everything you liked. Most of the time, people can’t stick to their diet, they cheat, then feel guilty about it and lose their self-esteem. I even had a friend who had severe cholesterol problems, and his nutritionnist told him he HAD to allow himself a treat sometimes otherwise he wouldn’t be able to stick to the very strict diet he had to follow. She really, really insisted on this. It’s sad we don’t hear that more often in the media!

Dove milk chocolate. Mmmmmmm. Silky smooth and creamy.

There is nothing anonymous about my love of chocolate. :drool: :heart:

call me a cheap date, but I like Dove Dark Chocolate.


I love chocolate, but since I am on WW now, though I can eat whatever I want, I don’t want to waste a bazillion pts on a piece of fine chocolate. My favorite eating chocolate is Lindt. Their lindor chocolate balls are to die for. I like Dove chocolate also and Dove and Haagan Daas chocolate ice cream bars! YUM! If you are watching your weight, try the 1 pt chocolate candy made by Whitman for WW. The chocolate mints taste like Junior mints and they have a chocolate toffee that tastes like Heath bars. YUMMY!

I now do things like make quasi chocolate covered pretzels by taking a serving of pretzel sticks and 1 tablespoon of Herhsey syrup and drizzling over the sticks then freezing them or just eating them like that. It isn’t the same as a nice fat double coated chocolate pretzel, but it serves the purpose.

The things we do to get into our Las Vegas vacation clothes! {{{SIGH}}}

Valentines decorated Godiva chocolates go on sale 40-50% off AFTER Valentines Day! I only buy them after each holiday.

I didn’t like chocolate as a kid but I love it now…the funny part is that I still claimed that I didn’t like chocolate (I guess outta habit) up until I met dh b/c he started pointing out that I crave and eat a lot of chocolate for someone who doesn’t like chocolate!! LOL!!! :roflhard:

That drink at the Godiva store sounds great–I’m up at lenox fairly regularly so I’ll have to stop by and get one! I can’t have too much right now b/c of breastfeeding (caffeine–I know a little is okay but I try to avoid it as much as possible) but maybe I can find someone to share it with so I can enjoy just a few sips…

for the most part I can leave it alone… there are days when I need it… I like Doves… but reese’s get me if they are cold :teehee:

My dh is the chocaholic… he likes Doves, Hershey bars, and Godiva…

I LOVE this idea! I’m totally stealing it!!!

(Er… for some reason the idea made me express myself as if I’m 30 years younger than I am… :shifty: )

Anyway, our big thing these days is Cowgirl Chocolates - I think we must have seen them featured on a Food Network show once. I send them to people as gifts (and we just got ourselves some for Valentine’s Day). Growing up I didn’t like dark chocolate, but now I love it as well as milk, and for dark chocolate bars we adore Dagoba.

Then again, I have to admit, give me a Hershey’s with Almonds and I’m a happy girl! :drool: :drool:

Oh, and I heard recently that Americans eat an average of 12 pounds of chocolate per year… I asked DH whose portions we were eating on top of our own! :oops:

Last post, I promise! DH and I had this bar by Rapunzel once, and it was INCREDIBLE.