Chocolate Easter Bunny

This was fun! Also made a few years ago. :slight_smile: It was supposed to have ears, but they didn’t come out right. I decided it was appropriate anyway since that’s nearly always the place you bite off first. :teehee:

Oh, I love it! The pink silk ribbon is just what the ‘real’ chocolate bunnies wear.


Aww it is so cute and really looks like those chocolate bunnies. You did a nice job!

You know, w/o ears it kind of looks like a seal with its nose in the air. LOL Sorry, but once I saw a seal I can’t unsee it and I see the seal and the bunny. Kind of like those pictures, one is 2 profiles facing each other or a vase but I always saw both. I like it even more that way! Yeah, I know, I’m weird.

I love this bunny! It’d fit right in at our house. My children insist that I could never resist the chocolate bunny ears so all they got were Easter squirrels. Of course, this is grossly untrue and exagerated, sort of.

Thanks everyone! I should try it again sometime and make one with ears. Then I’ll have the before and after. :teehee:

What a perfect chocolate easter bunny, er, squirrel! :thumbsup:

Now I want chocolate… I think eaten ears are very appropriate.

p.s. And by “thanks” I meant to click “reply” :slight_smile:

LOL! He’s cute, even without his ears! Maybe he’s a lop-eared bunny!

Hmmmm . . . he looks very sweet and [I]tasty[/I]! :thumbsup:

Chocolate! Drool! Drool!

This got me thinking about another classic Easter candy, PEEPS. A dear colleague of mine just retired, and he used to bring an extra PEEP in his lunch this time of year, because he knew I love them too. At hid retirement party, someone brought a cake covered with PEEPs.
Along those lines, it occurred to me that I could knit him a hat with a PEEP on it, because he likes to cross country ski. I will have to think about that. I wish I’d thought of it earlier. Your chocolate bunny inspired the idea!

You’re in luck Jinxknit! Peeps patterns!


Love it!..and it speaks the truth about what we all do to chocolate bunny ears. LOL

Great, thanks! I knew somebody would have a link!

I just finished eating a chocolate bunny…I wish I had yours and no calories! :slight_smile: Very pretty! I probably won’t sleep now! too much chocolate caffeine.