Chinook fingerless gloves pattern question

Hello, this is my first time knitting gloves, and I have chosen this fingerless pattern from Brooklyn Tweed. I have knitted the ribbed cuffs (working in the round on DPN’s), and now I have reached ‘shape thumb gusset’ part. It says to work from right glove colourwork chart. That all makes sense, but I am confused as to what looks like 2 x ‘gaps’ in the colourwork chart for the first 18 rows to the thumb gusset line. What do I do when reach these stitches?! If I work them, what colour do I do them in? Any help gratefully received -Thanks!

Those gaps are “no stitch” boxes. They’re there to keep the chart’s recangular shape but there aren’t any stitches there until you get to the increases in rows 3, 7, 12 and so on. Then the new sts start to fill in the gaps or no stitch boxes. Knit across the first 32sts, then skip over the gap, knit the single stitch in light beige, skip over the gap and continue with the remaining 19sts.

Thank you! That makes sense now…