Chilly Baby Woodpecker

A woodpecker was at one of the feeders this morning.
She stayed for about a half hour, hanging on the feeder, and
getting food off and on.

didn’t register any startle response, like more mature birds do. I’m thinking she was a baby, because of that. Also, her tummy has a lot of spots on it, and older redbellied woodpeckers don’t have that marking.

LATER>>>>Her mother brought her a cap and scarf, since it was pretty cold today.

Great Picture. What a good mother to dress her baby warmly.:roflhard:

I know, she was very motherly.

I really was surprised at how long this bird stayed at the feeder!

:rofl: Now that is cute.

nice shot :slight_smile: Love the winter wear too :rofl:

Great picture.

:roflhard: that is sooooo funny!

ETA: I read this thread as “chilly woowoo” for some reason :shifty:


:roflhard: Love the colorway too!



:roflhard: :roflhard: :notworthy:

I love using my zoom lens, and taking wildlife shots.
it’s nice to be able to capture something forever, without hurting it one bit.:heart:

Your’e welcome. I’ll see what else I can cook up, with my photos, in the future.

:roflhard: :roflhard:

I love it!! great photo. and how kind his mother is!! :teehee:


Cute scarf and hat combo, what pattern did the mama use?