child's raglan

I am knitting a pattern for a child. It’s raglan that I haven’t done in a long time. One question is my measuring from armhole down is the right length but when attaching a hood, do my front piece shoulders have to match the back? I’m a little confused with not getting the right amount of sts. I’m reading “dec at raglan edge of next and ( 1 ) foll 4th rows and then on foll ( 9 ) alt rows, ending up with ( 19 ) sts” and I keep getting too many sts Thanks for any imput!

What is the name of your pattern? Is this a cardigan?
How many sts do you start with? It should be 30 sts as there are 11 decreases.
Sometimes the back and fronts do not match up. Since it’s a raglan, the fronts should match the sleeves. Also the back will match the sleeves. These are the parts that will be seamed together.

the pattern is Hazel by Sarah Hatton. yes it is a cardigan. I thought maybe it was because of the hood being attached but just when I sit the pieces together the fronts are shorter than the back after the armhole decreases. I have unpicked the front twice now because I am wanting to make sure the decreases will look the same on the seams. Im finding the raglan is more confusing than I remembered from long ago. Just knitting up the hood piece now. I have taken a couple of pics on my phone but not sure how to get them on the laptop and the phone isn’t letting me into this acct. I appreciate your help

Remember, you won’t be seaming the front to the back after the armhole. It looks like the fronts are shorter than the back after the armhole dec but the sleeves are slightly asymmetric too.

I knit this sweater quite awhile ago and loved it.

Can you email the photos to your email acct on the computer, download then post here?

yes that makes total sense now that I re read your answer, with it being attached to the sleeves in that case. thank you. I’m glad to hear you had made it and liked it as the finished product. I got the picture to my e mail and now will try to send it here.

That’s going to be adorable! Good luck with it.

thanks, sorry it looks huge from this side. Appreciate the help!

Your work looks even and lovely - you are doing great, keep up the good work and be sure to ask as many questions as you need to.

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Thank you, I appreciate the fact there are some people to help with questions!

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